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Seeding the Hearts of Faith into Life: Alive In Heart and Soul presents, The Alive in Heart Initiative ♡ ♡ ♡

A Warm Loving Welcome!

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Awake and gracefully aware, this artist of the heart is dedicated to be of loving service to you; to help awaken the aspects of your sacred heart, with a faith consciousness – humanistic psychology approach.

This compassionate artist of the heart, aims to help be of service: to bring light to all beautiful souls who may have anxiety, depression, and mental illness. In bringing to light, the missing spiritual elements to your conscious awareness, you can help unravel the darkness and balance the integration of where you can help move towards the love of the heavenly light.

Your Light will be revealed in the aspects of where darkness may linger – creating a primitive innate tie to the call of your heart – to help lead your sublayer mind into the richness of your heavenly life experience. You always, in each and every moment, have the opportunity to live life  – fully and completely.

You are invited to simply BE and bask in the richness of love – in the teachings of the words of loving service –  dedicated to the rise of the truest you. In the name of compassionate grace, wisdom is revealed and myth is entangled.

Wisdom of faith is cultivated and the glory of the aliveness of your heart and soul can be awakened. This artist of the heart is here to remind you – it is NOW – in this moment that heaven can be birthed, integrated and expressed aesthetically in the name of loving truth. Bless you infinitely.

Janelle Streeter “Artist of the Heart in Loving Service to You”


“For in our willingness to embrace love within, love can be expressed with graceful compassion towards others – inwardly-outwardly-expansion – and in turn, our society will benefit from true peace, love and freedom.”Alive in Heart and Soul

Dedicated to growing the awareness of faith, inspiring aliveness and awakening love for those who are guided.


  • To encourage people to transform their conscious (sub-conscious, conscious, un-conscious) thought processes and introduce a faith-consciousness of understanding.
  • To build upon the foundation of how each persons sacred heart space allows for true freedom and self actualization of true human potential.
  • To create awareness on the missing links in society – Faith and Love.


  • To encourage and motivate:
    • Non-believers – that faith can play an important role (Surrender is Your Friend) in the efforts to honor and move into what is surfacing (e.g depression) for each person.
    • On-the-Fence-Believers – that faith tests endurance to surrender to the true beauty of life.
    • Believers – that optimism, love, compassion and devotion is what faith asks of each person.
    • Advanced spiritual seekers – that seeking truth is a life-long commitment and sacred to each persons individual experience.
  • To inspire people to live a heart based internal life, in a external focused society.
  • To evoke aliveness of new perceptions that science can not explain.


  • The wisdom of the truth of life.
  • The love that we all equally carry within.
  • The compassion that we have to share with others-to follow life on purpose.


  • Approaching your spiritual care therapeutic needs with a philosophical, faith-based and humanistic psychology perspective.
  • Integrating work experience, educational learning, individual growth, life experience, spiritual learning, soul understanding, and aspects of soul awakening (Coming to know God experienced); into a real-heart-based, authentic, down to earth, healing form of Gods inspiration – to help others.

Gods Call to Building a Compassionate and Loving World:

“To build a new society platform, that creates an urgent call of humanitarian rights of necessary consciousness transformation, to help lay the foundation for the ultimate pull of each persons true individual expression of self actualization – Love, purity and wisdom found in faith.”  Alive in Heart and Soul

  • To come to understand that everyone is equally connected to the source of all of creation – which is the omnipresent existence of what God has created for all.
  • To live life unconditionally in the present moment (our true nature) – fully immersed by the loving grace of God.
  • Faith, love, peace and freedom is a “God Given Human Gift” available to all for those who wish to seek within.

  Collective Community Vision:

  • Aiming to be equally one of the many other beautiful souls that aspires to help create a ripple of change in the worldfor the greater benefit of all.
  • To be a messenger of Gods LOVE – only for those who are choosing, from their heart, to be guided to listen, feel, see, hear and explore further.


“To build a brighter future, for our future generation, that operates from the premise of one quintessential truth of life – Love – that wipes away limited man-made-barriers of the true discovery of the heart: war, separation, fear, power, greed, control, manipulation and switches focus to compassionate giving service – to transform our world at large – for the equal rights of all life.” Alive In Heart and Soul

[INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] Founder of the Alive In Heart Initiative.

  • For each person to have the equal opportunity to look deeper within their sense of existence; to come to truly understand the meaning of life (Love-Infused-Fusion-Eternal).
  • To emerge above any life circumstance with an awakened perspective and for each person to be a heart based founder in their journey of life.
  • To allow exploration of the fragments of each persons heart and soul that may be dormant; to come to understand the sacred gifts that are surfacing in each persons life, silently leading each person to their life purpose.

Inspired By:

 “I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” - Mother Teresa -

All the caring and loving work of beautiful people in the community (and our world at large) that contributed to my profound experience of faith. And in faith, purpose is born to share now this “God Given Gift” for all to feel in their heart and embrace with others.

Theme Song:

Please click below to listen to Celine Dion share with you her song “I’m Alive”, which I feel represents the essence of the Alive In Heart Initiative that you create for yourself.

The Alive in Heart Initiative – The Free Will Choice to Your Sacred Heart:

This is dedicated to the believers, the advanced spiritual seekers, the on the fence believers and the people that do not believe. In my eyes and the eyes of God, you are all the same.

As you explore awareness about this initiative, you will find inspiring quotes that I have come across, on my learning on this spiritual journey of life. The related references enclosed herein, spoke to my heart and soul and I felt inspired to incorporate into this writing to share with you. My words come from the heart and I am expressing the creative essence of what God wants me to share openly (life purpose we all have within) – with loving grace and vulnerability and I openly welcome you, wherever you are on your journey of your sacred heart.

Please take as you wish and if the words shared do not resonate completely with your heart – that is perfectly okay. It is only your heart that can make this step into believe. I have been on every side of the fence, starting out as a non-believer, so, I completely understand that these words sometimes are to much to take in – so it is easier to just ignore them (so honor that, and do just that. I have compassion for you and love you without any judgment.)

If you feel inspired to explore the Alive In Heart Initiative further, please read below and explore the sections/links contained on this community website- where I invite you to invoke this process of the sacred heart within you. My hopes are these words vibrate with you to help you acknowledge the sacredness of your heart that already resides within you. Just like a flower blooming opening. You can expand your heart and soul understanding of yourself through your choice of free will.

If you should need spiritual support along the way, I aim to help act as one of your compassionate companions, if you will, that aims to help bring you to this place of Aliveness within yourself. I will bring you back to your heart, where you will learn you are your greatest guide, so I only aim to act as guide to help steer you to the path of love- the path of faith- the path of God. This may or may not be me. It may be another teacher/guide/friend, or, mentor, or, multiple. But remember this one quintessential truth, you are your only teacher. The teacher you have always been seeking is YOU. You will come to discover this on your path. As quoted From A.P. Dawn, you will come to “drink from your own fountain” not the “fountain of others.” You are your source, fountain and expression of truth and love. God is the guiding source of all that you are within this fountain of life he has created equally for all should they choose.

Honor and be at peace with what life presents. Blessings and love to you, wherever your journey guides you and leads you – because it truly is a perfect miracle that is unfolding – on purpose – in each moment. Life is all about finding the aliveness and the magic that resides within the merging of a fresh new moment.

Always remember, you are a radiant soul. Shine forever bright in the Love of Life! God bless you.

The Alive In Heart Initiative – A Brief Introduction:hearthands

“God loves the world through you and through me and through all those who are his love and compassion in the world.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta –

Ask yourself, are you standing true to that love and compassion within you?

Your Alive In Heart Initiative is dedicated to the Awareness, Aliveness and Awakened YOU – to who you are meant to be underneath the layers of your conscious, unconscious and sub – conscious sense of who you identify yourself to be. I have walked through each of these experiences and continue to move fearlessly through the stages of spiritual expansion to be shown the truth of who I am and why I am here – in the name of faith and love – and in seeking this truth God has given me direction to share these sacred truths.

I feel I can offer compassion to you in this regard, because I have been in your shoes, so my hope is you can relate in someway and be your sounding board of reason. Sometimes we need a view point, from a different angle, or an approach to a situation with someone who has experienced similar discord within their heart to have the opportunity to truly grow and steer us on the right pathway to make our life awaken to the truth of our being. It helps to create an entrance point that you may not even thought of and a door way of discovery that is unique to your needs.

My soul path and purpose is dedicated to be of service and serving those who may ask or whom are in need of spiritual support. God wants this of me and I am honoring this call. So I step into this plunge of this call; to help spread love and truth with one on one compassionate care. I will serve you with open arms, surrender, love, vulnerability and most importantly, courage and commitment.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” - Mother Teresa –

praying-handsThe Alive In Heart Initiative – Community Giving of Compassionate Inspiration:

“For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.'”- Isaiah 13 -

I aim to guide you to evoke your path of the heart. The path that you are the only founder of. No one else!

Please continue to check back for free blog writings (please visit up to date blog posts) and free resource information posted.

My hopes are this helps to make a small contribution in some way, to your Alive In Heart Initiative, in the name of loving service. My goal is to reach everyone – no matter their financial situation –  as I feel all people deserve this god given gift of self actualization – to become the highest potential we are all meant to be alive with, within all of our heart and soul.

If you would like some additional assistance on your spiritual journey, I would be happy to get you to the next step on your path. Please visit the ‘Connect’ section to be in touch with me. If not, I welcome that equally. This is all about you and your journey of finding your truest expression of who God wants you to be- on your call of your free will choice.

If you feel called to share this website with someone you love, please share with someone who may truly benefit from compassionate spiritual support and inspiration.

You are gifted loving time, positive energy, devotion to faith and creative expression of sharing openly from my heart to you – no matter your financial situation.

If you appreciate these teachings/open shares that contribute to your Alive In Heart Initiative and feel you can offer an equal exchange of giving and receiving; your contributions are gratefully appreciated.

***Disclaimer: Please see a medical doctor if you should require medical advice. This is by no way a replacement to your existing therapy, medical or medication advice. Please seek immediate medical support if you are in an emergency or crisis situation by dialing 911. You release all liability pertaining to all spiritual and suggested based therapeutic methods shared by Alive In Heart and Soul. Thank you for understanding and for your commitment to this understanding. ***

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