Relationship Tune Up

When one changes, your reality and world changes all around you. Relationships are the biggest test to face when a person starts to live a heart based life. When a person’s heart becomes the embodiment of open expansion- love is the only essence that surrounds and fills you. What is no longer for your highest good will be tested. Everything else needs to be jolted into high gear to align up with your vibration of pure love.  Everything else may fall away, or, will need to be equalized and calibrated in a new way. Experiences may become out of tune with that fundamental alignment of love you are building. You are shedding layers of the old you that no longer serve you. You will be tested. Especially when it comes to relationships – as this is our biggest growth potential. Everyone is a fragment of your inner growth in this life time.

I think of it as tuning into a radio station. If you are out of tune, it sounds something like this…

Does someone push your buttons, or, do you like to provoke someone’s tender spots? Do you like to be in control of others, or, do you let others control you? Do you easily feel intimidated by another, or, do you like intimidating others when in ones presence? Does someone bully you, or, do you feel the need to bully others? Do you feel jealousy or anger towards a person, or, do you feel that someone is angry or jealous of you? Do you fall into a place of criticism, judgement or gossip towards another, or, do you feel people gossip, criticize and judge you?  Do you feel superior, or, inferior to someone? Do you let your ego run wild when you are in the presence of someone?

Ask yourself why you are feeling these feelings? Why are these feelings coming up for you? Are you in tune with all you know that you can be Alive to be? These feelings are a bridge to a brighter future – that are waiting for you – to open – right in front of you. These feelings are a gift to become Alive in Soul. It is all about how you pave the way to get there. Are you ready for the challenge?

When you are in tune, and you landed at the perfect radio station, it sounds something like this…

Freedom from judgement. LOVE. Confidence. LOVE. Inner beauty. LOVE. The ability to speak your truth. LOVE. Grace and ease. LOVE. Flow. LOVE. Connection. LOVE. Kindness. LOVE. Freedom.LOVE. Compassion. LOVE. Joy. LOVE. Unconditional love for others. LOVE.

To tune into the essence of love in your relationships, it is quite simple. There are no attachments- no conditions- just simple gestures of love to flow freely in and through you to another – that is it. The essence of love is embodied to out-pour love to others with NO CONDITIONS. Pure unconditional love flourishes the essence of your relationships.

Relationships are an opportunity to tune in, to the new you. Do you find that urge to hold onto a relationship even though it may be toxic? Do you easily feel drained after having a conversation or visit with someone? Do you just stay in a relationship for the fear of judgement? Ask yourself, why is that so? There is a reason. These are building blocks to living a heart based life. This is your starting ground. Don’t judge yourself if you feel all of these feelings. We are all human. We have feelings. We feel emotion and our body and heart shows us what we need to work on. Embrace and feel the hurt. Sit with these uncomfortable feelings. For when you face the hurt and you can look at yourself in the mirror and truly proclaim and be love isn’t that what life is all about?  So why not look into the mirror of what others are reflecting within you? Is that reflection positive or unsettling? Your relationships will paint a picture where your soul is asking you to take a deeper look.

Relationships offer the tune up of who you are meant to become. Let that be the starting ground for your expansion- to expand that Aliveness that is dormant within. Open that dormant state of your heart and freedom will open up the Aliveness of your soul.

Expansion in Aliveness

As a mother (or parent) do you find yourself feeling like you are loosing control? Loosing control of a world that you once knew? A world that no longer exists, that you may still be holding onto? For when you welcome a child into this world, everything changes. Your child becomes your priority and your view on life shifts according to the magnificent wonder your child brings to the world. Everything may be screaming inside that you may want your old life back, but, at the same time you marvel in the breathe of fresh air of new joy that your child brings to you. Your life before could be careless –  as you were only looking out for you. You could be free and live life without restrictions. Now, you are required to be the giver of unconditional love to your beautiful angel (s). Are you willing to accept that in giving love, it will come back to you two-fold? Your child becomes your universe, your everything is centred around this universe. Are you comfortable to  acknowledge this feeling in your heart? In accepting the beauty of your children, and all that they bring to this world and you, they bring you the gift of surrender. Surrender to open up to the freedom that you may have not known was even available to you.  Deep unconditional love multiples from your child’s heart to yours.

Ask  yourself: “Am I holding onto the old me? Am I trying to be perfect like I used to be? Am I holding onto the image that I need to live up to? What will people think of me with this change? Why am I so different? I am not even sure I know who the real me is anymore?”

Breathe into that, feel what you are feeling. If it it hurts that is okay. Send yourself love into all the places that cry out for attention. Rejoice in these feelings of insecurity; as it may very well be the Aliveness in your Soul trying to get your attention to set your heart free.

Tapping into the Unknown

772Is life meant to just go by? Or, are we as human souls meant to create the richness of life?

This is not a label of judgement, but I just see so many people just getting by in life. My heart aches as i know they (their soul) has so much potential that they are not utilizing. I respect and acknowledge that they are in perfect harmony with where they are supposed to be. So I sit back and observe and send love as I once experienced that just getting by moment. Life was being dictated for me. I was not the creator of my destiny. Within my feeling of clarity, I awoke to the expansion of creating and filling my life with all my dreams and inspirations. I took the reins and am living life fully and completely in Aliveness.

So ask your self : “is my mind quiet? Can I really appreciate me and all that I am. Do I take a moment to breathe and listen? Or, do I need distractions to keep me busy to avoid feeling true feelings?”

Try it for just a moment, breathe in and breathe out. Stretch your knowingness of aliveness.

Spreading the Wealth of Love

Inspired by the beautiful BEINGS of love – my children and husband.

Feeling the love- sharing the love!

Marvelling in the delight and expansion of the heart of oneness. The heart of aliveness.

Outpouring the hidden gems of the universe. The unknown that: “was once lost but now is found.” (Amazing Grace)

For it is so…

To proclaim love, be love, share love, be in gratitude to embody love, and to step into the I am magnificence of love we all carry within.

The aliveness of love that we we were born with and will carry with us for eternity and beyond. Shine bright. Be brightness. Follow the path of heart ; as it has all the answers one seeks.

Much love and divine blessings.

Alive in Soul

Dive into life. Discover life. Expand your depth. What depth can you discover?

Rev up the ambition to discover something new about YOU. What is it that YOU are nudged silently to come Alive with- within?

Align yourself to your path- your purpose. What can that be? Where do YOU begin?

Align your soul (a.k.a heart) to divine guidance. What is it that your heart speaks to YOU about? If your silent, YOU can really listen. Your heart wants YOU to ask, your heart wants you to find that Aliveness within.

Come Alive within YOU. Who is the real YOU?

Open up to freedom and be ONE with the aliveness in your soul.

Shine your Aliveness so very bright.Your Aliveness only can become brighter.

Is your heart calling YOU? In what ways does your heart speak and or guide you? YOU can ask these very questions – within.

Live your Aliveness and let the journey begin.

The important thing to remember is, is that it is only within YOU that can make your Soul become Alive.

Love is…

Love is like a flower, how do you nuture yourself? Do you water yourself with vibrant energy and nourish your essence with what you desire to feed your soul? Or do you deplete yourself worth in the midst of emotional and mental chaos? Do you root and ground yourself daily on your journey? How deep do your roots grow, are they shallow just on the surface? Or, are they deeply entrenched below the ground? If a flower pedal flows to the ground do you question it, embrace or let go? What if someone digs you out of the ground, your roots and all? Would you be at peace with that feeling or would you feel uncomfortable or unsettled? Would you hold that person accountable for your pain for causing conflict? Or, would you just surrender and let go? Love is like a flower graceful and beautiful just like the universe intended. Love love love.

The Love of Success

What is success? Is success having the fanciest car or the biggest mic mansion? Or is it our mind frame? Is success a measurement of what we gain materially on the outside or is it really accessed from within? Honestly the hamster wheel keeps on going with the outside materialistic world filling no void other than the need to accumulate more and more. Prior to my awakening,I could never fill my void. I had to shop, eat, drink, accumulate more and more, buy clothes, go here go there, do this do that and be the “keeping up with the Jones” kind of person. That was my mentality. But at the end of the day, I never was happy. I felt alone, miserable and isolated even though I had everything I could ever ask for. Since my awakening in December 2013, I am anxious to get rid of “stuff” and go back to the basics that truly make me happy. Love. FAMILY. Friends. Gardening. Nature. Enjoying the moment. Connection. Meditation. Purpose. Life purpose. PASSION. CREATIVITY. Helping others on their journey. Building an eco friendly- off grid home on an acreage ( I am manifesting this into my reality in the near future) ). Freedom from any constraints. Doing what I love, following my dream, my inner light, and enjoying an abundance of time with family and friends. Travel. ADVENTURE. Fitness.

I had a conversation with an artist yesterday and we for some reason opened up the conversation about apple products and how apple has an expectation that every consumer will upgrade their product. For example, they change cord sizes so the new ones do not fit with the old etc… The artists exact words were ” how immoral it is of them to do that. It makes me feel like we are slaves to multi- trillion dollar companies left with no say but to be robots and follow suit.” Don’t get me wrong I support apple, but this lady had an amazing point. To paraphrase, she is asking for freedom from being dictated too and is asking to have a voice in the matter. Why don’t we have a voice? Why are we so numb to not speak up? Isn’t that our right as a person? As I talk to more and more people they are not defined by the outside material world anymore. It is neat to see a trend with the new way of thinking. Less really is more. The richness in life can only be accessed truly from within- from our hearts – no where else. The love we share with our family, our friends and those everlasting bonds that mold your heart to truly feel inspirational connection and a zest for life IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. This is the essence of feeling success from love.

Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day- from my heart to yours! Love truly is in the air! Amplify that love from the essence of your soul! Xo

Love and Light, “Alive In Soul” by Janelle Streeter