Expressions of True Divinity

As we embark upon our journey- transcendence occurs – into a place that is unfamiliar, but becomes familiar as moments of NOW unfold.

Emotions play on the depth of awareness into a new energy field of a vibratory level that can feel unknown. What can be found in the unknown? Is it in the unknown that allows for forgiveness and internal beauty? Or, is this a fragment of our imagination? How do we open up to something with pure love and relinquish our desire to let go of our expectations of experience?

Our brain has multiple functions that are so eloquently put together. How is this so? Our brain can function with an automated conditioned memory of every day routine and our brain can also function creatively. Our brain can malfunction – but in the disarray of malfunction, is it creating a new alignment of experience, or, a new level of conscious awareness that was not otherwise known?

Our brain is equipped to build new neuropathways of creative emergence of growth, but, as the human potential for each of us, do we realize the significant impact that this has on each human being and our universe as a whole? The conscious level of your human framework can differentiate your level of experience in the NOW.

Think of it as building blocks. If you were wanting to build something you would mindfully place each block precisely on each other as each block supports each other. On a human consciousness level – that is exactly what we are doing. We are mapping out each pathway of our journey and some blocks are easier to lay than others. Each new conscious choice we make either by condition, or, creation embeds itself either on a preexisting neuropathway that is already functioning in our brain, or, it is a new formulation in developing a neuropathway that is new to creation- so the destination is unknown. The unfamiliar awaits the key to true human fulfillment.

To reach our human potential, new pathways of existence open up the expression of the true divinity that each of us are. The more we open up to the desire to create new neuropathways of existence within each of us, we contribute to the collective framework of human potential through each of our individual journeys of expansion . This in turn creates a ripple effect of divine creation for society, the world and universe as a whole.

What new expression of divinity do you want to become Alive in your Soul with? Look within and create a new sense of experience and watch your world around you feel the impact of true divine expression.


I SEE Clearly…

” You may call me a dreamer- but I’m not the only one…”

-John Lennon-

I see a world where everyone is living from their authentic truth.

I see a world where everyone is following their passion.

I see a world where we are building a strong and vibrant community.

I see a world when we look into the eyes of a stranger, neighbour, friend, family member, lover, and feel the genuine connection of their soul.

I see a world where no separation exists.

I see a world where fear is replaced with LOVE.

I see a world where judgements are replaced with COMPASSION.

I see a world where greed is replaced with service to others.

I see a world where war is replaced with PEACE.

I see a world where we are kind to everyone – people, animals and nature.

I see a world where we are living on passion – collectively building a brighter future.

I see a world where everyone can be themselves. It is okay not to be perfect. What is perfection anyway?  Does it really exist?

I see a world where everyone is operating from the essence of the soul of their heart- versus the EGO mind – that may dominate a person’s true beingness.

I see a world that is beautiful. Beautiful from the inside- out in every aspect manifested from divine creation.

How can this dream become a reality? How can we move these intentions into our reality?

Together, let’s create the aliveness of a new reality of existence. Let’s step into the power of JOY.

I know in my heart my beautiful children have opened up the Aliveness of the beauty of this world within my Soul. Something that ALL of humanity can experience.

Let’s do this for everyone! In the name of humanity – let’s stand up! The future generations dependent on this bridge of action. For without this bridge, we are dominated by destruction. Let’s set the intention for a bridge of evolution to begin! If we open our eyes – we will all see why this is so vitally important.

TOGETHER, let’s build the brightest future possible for you – me – everyone – all of us – with a collective expansion of ONENESS in mind to reunite and see the world clearly for what it is.


A place of expansion to seek the truth. Unfolding within and magnifying outward. Embody the love of what is asking for cleansing. Cleanse the old so the new can be embraced and enter into the soul of you. The old is a mind frame that we hold onto- for fear of the unknown. A magnificent doorway awaits that many people may not know exists (metaphorically speaking, we all want to live our life on purpose and full-fill our hearts desires). A door that may not be seen – as our thoughts of the mind cloud this doorway to freedom. But what if the doorway can be seen? What if our purpose in life is to dissipate the clouds, that cloud our vision, from the truth that this doorway does indeed exist? We have the opportunity to open this door and embrace all the joy it can bring. What are you waiting for? Embrace the new and revitalize who you are in this moment. The new is all that we/you are. Embody all that is and open the doorway to the manifestation of all your dreams to be Alive in Soul.

Love so deeply…

Love so deeply it hurts.

Cry so hard that you burst.

Laugh so hard that you thirst.

Scream so loud that you are immersed.

Whatever feeling you are feeling- tune in to it. Embrace it. Acknowledge it. Surrender to it.

Life is like a roller coaster ride. We are tested and reminded at every moment – what choice, action, thought or verbal sound we speak.

Every intention generates a vibrational match to the alignment in the aliveness of your soul. Keep that in mind the next time you think, act or react in a moment, or, towards another.

What if in the very moment of your shortcoming you project your reality of your soul experience onto another? What if you let your emotion get the best of you? Your anger unleash something that was hidden and opened up like a jack in the box? Your projection of drama, gossip, control, jealousy or hatred towards another? Why is this so? Ask your self… does it feel comfortable projecting your feelings onto another? Do you feel better about yourself at the end of the day because you may be explosive and reactive? Sit with yourself and accept your reality. Acknowledge these feelings that are knocking at your soul and crying out for forgiveness. Feelings of fear – play your fear movie over and over – and there is no end if you keep on vibrationally matching to your projection of fear. Don’t you want to sit back and enjoy the movie and maybe add some tasty snacks to your movie? What are you waiting for? Create a movie that plays out with LOVE.

Love your feelings so deeply that you are in tune with who YOU are. Your feelings of fear are separate from your authentic self.

Love yourself so much that you have no choice but to rid your feelings of fear that unintentionally stir inside you and that you project onto others.

Love your self so much that you work on your self every day to be Alive in balance.

Love so deeply that you can share your love with others.

Love so unconditionally that your heart aches when you feel happiness and sadness.

Surrender to love – so deeply – that at the end of the day you have no choice but to just be Alive In Soul.

Smile at a stranger – you don’t know what they may be going through.

Offer random acts of kindness and unconditonal love WITHOUT CONDITION – when you are selfish random acts of love don’t have a chance to manifest into your reality.

Love your family and friends soul deep and fully BE ONE with this NOW moment.

Share the love and the essence of you at every opportunity.

Shine bright and most of all be alive and divine in who YOU are. Step into your Aliveness and embrace your Soulfullness.

Much love and blessings. May love wrap around every part of your heart and soul. May you love so deeply in every divine magical moment. Love Love Love.


Soul Depth

How are you living your life? Do you feel in the core of your BEING-NESS complete and whole? Are you balanced or Un- proportionate?

Physically, what is calling out to you? Have you exercised your body? Have you tried some form of movement that has been speaking to your heart? What is stopping you? Is your mind getting in the way? How do you overcome the thoughts of the mind and let your body guide you to be your guide? What is your body urging you to do? Connect that feeling with your heart and most of all listen. Even if your body tells you to rest – rest dear ONE. Your body asks you to listen. Nourish your body. Feed your body with all that it craves and desires.

Mentally, are you stable with your thoughts? Or is your mind scattered all over? What is it that your heart is telling you? Or, is your mind playing the lead role with the thoughts of your heart? Streamline your thoughts to eliminate the clutter of the conditioned mind and align with your soul which houses your heart.  Flow with your thoughts. Create synchronicity and be in awe with life unfolding before you -as you have never seen the story of life play out as it has before.

Emotionally, are you satisfied in all areas of your life? Or do you feel you are shutting out pain or the need to express the true essence of YOU? What are you holding onto? What no longer is serving you? If your emotions are telling you to cry – cry. If your feeling upset- talk about it with others or with YOU. Feel it. Release and let go.

Spiritually – have you opened up to what is the essence of spirituality and what it can mean to you? Put it to work for you and all that you are-  for the greater good of developing the real YOU! Do you shut out spirituality just because it may be attached to GOD? What if spirituality is YOU and all that you are destined to be Alive to be? What if you eliminated that GOD word and replaced it with LOVE with that not be as scary? That is all that it is. Nothing more – nothing less. Just divine simple LOVE waiting to be felt and shared.

Embrace the depth of your soul. Balance all that you are born to become Alive to Be – add some soul depth to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that shape the truth of YOU. Open your heart and expand your LOVE to become Alive In Soul.

Love- Unconditional Love

Love is a deep feeling of peace and contentment. Pure unconditional bliss. Pure love. A deep satisfied desire to embody all that is – and all that there is.

Can you feel love so deeply that at the very core of your being it radiates outward? Even in the simple expressions of saying, “I love you. I appreciate you. I am grateful for your abundance.” How often do you step into the aliveness of your heart? Do you share your heart that may vulnerable? Or do you close off deep burning feelings you want to share – but you hold back because of fear or shame from others? Do you feel it in a certain moment of happiness? Or do you embody love in every moment? How do we breathe the aliveness of love in every moment? How do we maintain the feeling of bliss at all times?

Is it our human nature to feel fear or to love? Or from fear can we find the peace within to find the love we seek? In digging through the trenches, in facing the darkness of deep despair we learn how to open up to the aliveness of all that we are. Love. Where do we start? Where do we begin? Our heart propels us forward at every moment. Every moment we have an opportunity to check in and see what path we want to take. Is it the left path or the right path? What if the left was the dark path that keeps up bringing more angst, doom and gloom? What if the right path is the path that leads to peace and inner fulfillment to embody unconditonal love? How do we keep on moving forward in times of despair, or in times of despair , is that our opportunity to become Alive and know our soul in all that we are?

Try it out. When fear or a negative thought comes up what path are you on? Is it the left gloomy one- or in that moment do you switch your thinking to choose the one full of pure unconditonal love? In each and every moment, we have an opportunity – a choice to live a life that we aim to manifest. The more we follow the left path, the more fear we will attract. The more we follow the right path we have found pure bliss- love- and that will manifest back to us in our life experiences.

I love you and I welcome you to create an awareness within you that guides you in your journey. You are the holder to your destiny. No one outside of you can do it – only you. So look in the mirror. Who do you want to become? What do you want to create in your journey? Love or fear? How do you want to become Alive in Soul and become a person filled with unconditonal love? The choice is the beholder of one’s life path- YOU.

Manifestation in Creation

The beauty of creation is all around us. How do you choose to create your day in a magical way?

Where is the bridge between logic and creation? Is the bridge to creation found through logical release? What is the drive that pushes you to out-pour with creative energy? In mastering the essence of creative energy unfolding within and sharing with others- there is a simplicity. A simple need to be a more intricate measure of art in this world. A piece of art that helps to shape the world.  A piece of the puzzle that connects with everything. A piece of amazing collaboration with all – connecting the woven fabric of life all together in oneness where no separation exists. This all starts with creativity. Opening and releasing the dominated aspects of logic perception.

There is a need to step outside the lines when you radiate with a delicious expansion of creative energy. It is compelling to hear amazing quotations from beautiful souls, how “drawing outside the lines” and “living outside the box” holds the key to freedom. A key that invites you to open up the Aliveness of treasures that can be found truly deep down in your soul.

I feel from the core of my being, the more logic a person holds onto, the more creative expression is shut out. Where is the bridge in finding that balance between logic and creation? Left brain thinking versus right brain thinking?

Think about if for a moment, how often do you find your self in your logical side of your brain? It kind of operates automatically like you are on cruise control – you don’t even realize that this may dominate most of your day. Think about it for a minute. How often do we think, analyze, interpret, and “RACE AROUND WITH OUR CONDITIONED LOGICAL MIND?” Why is it that our mind goes so fast beyond the moment of NOW? A moment that we have never lived is presented right in front of us – right here and right now and we are so caught up in the past, maybe a slight glimpse of a- present moment and future moment that hasn’t happened. We are striving to create that happy-feel-good moment of time: once we accomplish an expected experience we set out and strive for. Why is that? Why is our mind so conditioned to be logical by nature?

Now stepping into the creative mind, what if flow and connection is what makes the NOW moment that more enjoyable and super delightful? Imagine expanding your view on the world with a synchronized flow?  Some of the greatest discoveries are not found “within the lines” or “within the box” but they are beyond what the human mind can perceive. Why not explore it for just a moment?

Imagine creating something that you love. What motivates you so much that you almost feel absorbed and in sync with time? Sort of like time all of the sudden becomes non-existent? We as humans are meant to create and be alive in each divine moment. Try a craft, write a book, sing a song, dance, laugh, write. Hug your kids and look into their eyes – even for just a minute. These moments bring us closer – to love, expansion, creation and flow. Why not expand that connection further? Create with one small step. Just simply make that step and explore beyond “what is in the box” and “in the lines.” Expand moments of creation. Be a moment of creation. Become Alive in creation. Open your soul to the aliveness of creation. See what you might find. It might be something that you never knew could be discovered.

I feel we are all meant to be philosophers in this life time. Philosophers of our life journey and our inner discoveries. We are the ones that experience life and the aliveness of all that it can be aligned to Be.