The Depth of Your Soul

When you invite in the depths of your soul – emotions are discovered that have yet to be discovered before. How do you process these feelings and experiences to uncover a version of yourself that has not be attained or experienced in this divine moment of NOW?

The unveil of the old version of yourself is fading away and in the fading away – the new version of you emerges. This process can feel uncomfortable and in the feelings that are unknown – that is when the deepest inner truth emerges.

When you realize that this is all part of the divine plan there is a new profound sense of a letting go. Why are you holding on? The divine asks you to let go. For when you truly let go and surrender to your experience – you can be set free inyour heart.

Face the pain, feel the emotion, uncover what you are avoiding, fleeting, escaping, guessing. You are asked to process. Uncover. Reveal truth. To find the new seed of discovery in the depths of your soul.  This is the journey of life.

Your soul is knocking at your heart. For when you hold onto the old – the new can not emerge. The new doesn’t have a chance to be let in. The old way of thinking and doing conflicts with your inner truth. You know what needs to be done. Only you. What choice needs to be made? What decision will lead you to your next mindful moment? You ask. It is up to you to listen. Find that voice in the inner place of your heart. It can be found. It whispers gently to you. Are you listening? Or, are you tuning this place in your heart out?

Think of it as a jack in the box. As you wind up your jack in the box you are feeding your body with emotions and the more emotions that are building up as you wind up your jack in the box – you lead up to a moment of surprise. What if the release of the suprise – the jack in the box in this case – is the moment of the explosion of your repressed emotions ? Your sense or self? Your identity? When you expose these moments of pent up (insert here) there is a sense of truth and new found exposure of your soul.

That is what our soul asks of us. To expose the feelings, choices, actions of our life, conditions that we have been so used to feeding off of. The negativity. The ego. The drama. The (insert here). What is asking to be released that has been building up in you? What are you still holding onto? And…….Why? Why choose this when this creates chaos within the essence of your being?

The time is now to rid yourself  from the only way you have known to operate and find a new path of operation – the old no longer serves your highest good. In your new way of existence, of precious discovery, you can come to know what it means to truly be alive in soul in your lifetime. Time to surrender. Time to open up to possibility. To something new, vibrant and energizing.

Understand that your heart doesn’t have a bottom- it is soul deep. Find the depth of your soul and become alive in soul.






Alive In Choice

When a fragment of yourself can fully and completely love – their is an emergence within you that has shed many layers of the old you. Who stands before you now?

As you transform the essence of who you are, by saying goodbye to and opening up the gateway of your new quantum self – a new self emerges – something is being born within you from a new level of existence.

Your view on life is surrendering to the old paradigms that operated your conciousness from a level of non awareness. Your eyes were closed, but you did not realize that your eyes were closed before. Until you began experiencing a new dimension of understanding, that is when you became aware of this and you could see a new way of experiencing all that there is in this abundant universe you call life.

When this spark emerged within you – your soul was silently nudging you in this direction all along and you didn’t even know it. For life is all about choices and choices indeed are personal independent ones. Choices have to come from your heart. Choices and decisions can be easily avoided to avoid deep pain and hurt. So you keep going through the emotions and experiences that eventually will lead you to make the “right” choice. Please know that there is no right and wrong choice. Every choice is adequate in the very vibrational level of conciousness you wish to experience – in this very moment of now. Your choice is perfectly aligned with the beingness of the outcome you wish to experience in your projection of life.

When your heart starts to guide you on an expansive perception based level – of feeling embedded human chemistry – of deeper emotions – that is when you will find an alignment more in sync as to the choices and outcomes you see presented in your everyday reality.

Sometimes it is a matter of listening and tuning into these sensations that are unfamiliar. Sensations and feelings hold the most in depth moments of truth and honesty- that reveal who you really are. Once you begin to embody this new awareness of existence, a new level of understanding emerges from within and an old level of self is shed like a snake shedding a layer of skin. The journey still continues – as this is the delicacy of life – and the way in which we evolve in the essence of each moment of now – gives us full permission to surrender to what no longer serves our highest path of thy self.

The universe is complex in many ways- but think simply and live simply- that is all and than you will have the entire universe presented right before you. The universe can create a reality for you, matched to your intention, with the power of transformative transcendence.

The universe silently awaits. It awaits your choices. Your decisions. It follows what you project in your expansion of existence. What is it that you want the universe to show you? Ask, feel, follow and listen. Become Alive with what the universe presents. You are the writer or the artist of your life. You hold the pen or the paint brush. Are you guiding your pen or brush? You are the beauty of it NOW- it is alive within the choice of your heart.