The Tree of Life

What if you are represented such as that of the tree of life? How does the presence of your being show itself firstly to yourself and to that of the world? Are you showing your beauty? The colorful essence of your soul? The real beautiful you? How do you strengthen the foundation of all that you are? What is the foundation or roots that you are building? Are you seeding in the beautiful harvest, of the truth of growth, of all that you are?

If you were represented as a tree, how long would your roots grow into the ground we call earth? How deeply do you feel supported by the depths of your being?  What truth are you radiating in the aliveness of your heart? What truth are you stepping into –  to create a better you? Are you reflecting the beauty of your soul? Truly?

Show the colorful essence of your soul. The aliveness you are meant to become is waiting for you. Just step into it. Feel it. Know it. Love it. Bask in the marvelous joy, of this incredible, delicate, juicy aliveness NOW.

Spread your arms such as that of LOVE. Deeply ground the essence of your BEING. Bask in the delight of you – this is your SOUL. I AM ALIVE in HEART and SOUL. This is life. This is the journey we are meant to experience. 

We are Destined to BE Alive

When we are simply Alive to Live, we are:

Aligned Living In Validated Evolution

When we align within the Aliveness of our Heart, we are:

Hearing Evolution Awaken (to the) Right Truth                            

When we are Alive in Soul, we: 

Surrender (to) Open (up to the divine ) Unconditonal Love (and truth of) Life.

BE gentle. BE with you.  FEEL the essence of you. Open up and BE LOVE and TRUTH. NOW. Forget about yesterday. Don’t put it off until Tommorow. Simply NOW is where Aliveness can be found.

Choose to be Alive in Heart and Soul and you will find the Aliveness of your destiny.  

What are you destined to create with your Aliveness? Paint your life with this vision of Aliveness- NOW.

For it is so- we are proclaiming the evolution of love and truth – to become Aliveness.

To embody the true essence of the inner being of our Aliveness – in the form of Heart and soul.

Parallel Experience

We each are open to and being exposed to what experience it is that we agree unconciously or conciously to participate in, in each moment of our life journey. It is a matter of how flexible you are that will allow you to walk into a new experience of your existence.

When you continue down the path of your life experience – there is a silent operating system nudging you. It is the ability to follow and feel from your heart. This sensation, as you will, is your operating system- your gut feeling – or, better known as your intuition. You very well know for yourself, if you are following your operating system properly or not. Something silently will keep on nudging at you- keep poking you- keep on tapping on your shoulder – if you should not be listening to this internal operating system.

Sometimes your operating system may break down, or, need to be recharged because of the very reason of not “listening” to these nudges – that are gently guiding you to your highest potential. How is it that you recharge your system, to align to your highest good? Do you really need to recharge your system, if it should experience this “breakdown”? Or, is this breakdown experience, a necessary learning experience  – to experience a parallel life experience? What is a parallel life experience and what do you feel when you hear this? Does this sound confusing? Or, what if you really were curious to know and come to master the opportunity of stepping into this parallel experience – right now in this moment of now and in this moment of your journey?

What if you have the ability to alter your perception – to filter through and feel heaven on earth? What if the missing piece of the puzzle – that society does not teach – is the ability to tap into the universe -directly? Have I lost you yet? When we become lost, that is when the questions arise- the understating than starts to begin. The parallel experience of life begins to open for you- to the essence of your being. For that is when you step into the truth of this reality. The reason we all exist. The reason why we all have been created.

You and the world – all of us in ONENESS – each possess an infinite potential to unite to source. A unity filled with PURE LOVE. This simplistic return to UNITY and LOVE – an inner knowledge understanding – is misconstrued as to what the world, society, and people – can understand in accordance to their level of reality (awareness and perception). It appears to portray something, that seems impossible to achieve or comprehend currently. There is a wave of beautiful souls – that are speaking up and sharing this discovery- all found through silent inner self reflection – feeling, exploring and discovering- the depths of what their internal guidance system is showing them in each moment- an understanding of the truth of BEING. An understanding of a deeper humanity effort and need – to provoke change all around. A revolution of change. A PEACE AND LOVE ERA – to build an amazing foundation for our future. 

Once you begin to understand and find this truth, you will uncover a deeper truth, that will pierce every particle of your being and extend beyond you, to light up the world in truth. 

For when you walk the unknown path, you will discover the aliveness of your heart and soul.  A parallel life experience emerges – when you can break free and start to question – WHY? What is my calling? What is my purpose? Why am I here? 

Propel forward and most of all continue to FEEL, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and BE YOU. This is when you open up the door to a parallel experience of truth and close the door to a society that defines what you should BE.

For you truly are YOU and YOU are only truly Alive in HEART and SOUL if you can FULLY BE YOU.