Tool of Love

What is the crutch that you maintain in your life? Come on. Fess up. Time to be honest with yourself. What are you holding onto, that is not serving you for your highest good? What is asking to be released? What can you let go of, to truly become more authentic in the vibrancy of your being?

How about on your physical level?  What needs to say good-bye? Are you eating healthy? Yes – that means everything good and wholesome. High energy foods. Foods that empower you. What about your water intake? Are your hydrating yourself with the purest goodness, of the most -amazing- water that our planet creates for us daily? What about asserting and pushing your body to new physical limits? Good crutch. Ding. Ding. Ding. You deserve applause by putting the ‘A’ in effort. Don’t worry if you have a special “enjoy life today and indulge day” or a “I’m going to relax today.” We all need these days. This is a super-great-crutch to fast track you. This helps to build up the physical aspect, of the aliveness of your physical body, that you desire to manifest. Your unbelievable vessel supports you in a multitude of ways. Shower your vessel in magnifigence. Fuel it with nothing but awesomeness. The mechanisms of your body, that function and operate every moment for you- ARE indeed a true inspiration. Something to be grateful for each day. Show your body some loving gratitude!!!

On an emotional level, what brings you the most pristine- light up your heart smile, where you feel warm and fuzzy in your heart? Completely balanced in your emotions?  What makes the sun-shine even-brighter and your glorious-days sprinkled-with-joy sound like and feel like for you? Are you putting those moments first? Or, do your crutches creep in? Seriously- be honest. Face your reality. Face them with firey- fearlessness and find-freedom. Love every part of your emotions that rise up. Let them present themselves. Give them life. Give them aliveness. All of them count. Each and everyone of them. Sweeping them under the rug is not a priority anymore. Really- truly- those cob-webs are weighing you emotionally down. Take a stand and find the truth in the aliveness of your emotions. 

Intellectually, what are you questioning? What are you pondering? What keeps going back and forth like a yo-yo? What makes the function of this thinking perplex you? This thought? This question. This decision. What is it? Ahhhhh. Stop. Breathe. Feel. Look. Listen. Do it over again. And again, until you discover that inner whisper. That sweet gentleness. That calmness – within. An intuitive whisper (your gut feeling is speaking to you) – that silents the flame – that feeds the fire. The crutch, of over thinking, will fade away to be your distant memory. This crutch will than be replaced with the presence of this beautiful- amazing moment. Presenting……”The Present Moment of Now.” Uh oh – please stop in your tracks if you are thinking about the next fleeting moment that hasn’t even happened yet. Be it – immerse in it- become it – join it- the moment that is happening NOW- IS NOW. Tommorow doesn’t even exist yet. This moment is the only moment you have NOW. Watch this aliveness present itself to you.

Opening and integrating the doors of LOVE. What if you were to tap into and dissolve your need for a crutch? What if you were able to infuse every aspect of your being with LOVE? This is where your journey starts. This is where you journey opens up to possibility. Something more. No one can explain this to you, or, for you. This is only you finding what this crutch or  “tool of love” if you will – looks like for you.

PEACE. LOVE. TRUTH. BEAUTY. COMPASSION. LOVE the Aliveness of YOU. This is who you are. A BIG CHEERS with so much LOVE – all for YOU. Realize your brilliance.

Put your tool of love to work for you. Your inner aliveness of your heart and soul silently awaits…♡♡♡