Moving from dependence to independence and merging into oneness

When perspectives grow and shifts are viewed from a different angle – our dependency adjusts in a fluid way.

When we have a dependence, we associate our thinking to external factors. For example, we may come to depend on a person, place or thing unconciously. We don’t know why, but we focus all our efforts on this particular outlet if you will to fill up our heart and soul. Imagine if you will, as it being like a cord that is linked from this person, place or thing that feeds your concious self. You start to create a chain, like handcuffs, to this feeding source of dependency. The bonds keep growing stronger and stronger and the dependency becomes so deep that you do not understand what independence looks and feels like. In my personal experience, for me, I came to release that social media was a dependency on which was an external remedy of dependency for my soul. I soon came to release that this chain needed to be broken. So as I unwinded the dependency for external validation, I was also reminded how I can have a sense of independence to feel the love of the aliveness of the my heart and soul. I can not define this for you. This is something for you to observe and contemplate for you yourself – within your self. This requires self examination and truth in the work of inner discovery. However raw the wounds are – it is a call to find freedom in dependence. 

Once we learn to break the chain if you will of dependency, independence follows. Independence is a gateway to your soul. It helps to serve as the doorway to your unlimited expansion. For example in my case in being completely truthful and honest, I felt a sense of validation of who I am. A sense of belonging. But than, it dawned on me about independence-  in a new moment of perspective. Why am I putting my self worth of validation by the amount of likes or friends I have? What external gain is warranted in this mindframe of thinking? Is this something I was insecure with, within my self and why? When these questions begin to start that is when the journey from dependence to independence begins. If your soul already knows you don’t need outside validation and IS the essence of validation, than the means in my case was a social media tool creating a reflection of how I need to create more ways of self validation within my being. These are the wounds of dependence that I learned needed tending too. As you step outside of dependence, you come to know what independence feels like all over again. Now being completely honest with yourself what dependence are you holding onto? How can you find that independence in the heart of it all?

Going beyond dependence and independence, we learn that these are 3D conditioned behaviours as well. Our soul does not differentiate the two, but only knows of oneness. As you start to move past the door of independence, you may come to know that you are holding onto vital imprints and lessons that need love and light. Your soul is asking you to say goodbye to these imprints. These conditons that define you. When you completely set yourself free from these conditions, you start to move past independence and into transcendence of oneness. Dependency and independence no longer exist. A vibration of oneness than opens up in your being on a 5D reality and beyond. Remember that as your perception opens and as you perspective begins to shift, that is when new levels of experiences are granted to you. No level is higher or greater. No comparison is needed from one soul to another. So if your level of conciousness is expanded, like the level of conciousness of Buddha or Jesus experienced, it is no better than the beings of souls that stand before you in your reality. They are all perect. They are all divinely orchestrated on your dimensional level of reality your soul set out to experience.

Our job as soul imprinted beings is to find the oneness in the midst of learning about dependency (external) and independence (internal). In learning the external and internal factors, an elevator shift of oneness bridges into your perception and extends our into your everyday human level experience. When oneness manifests, equality of oneness is the greatest gift of your heart and soul.  The Aliveness of your heart and soul further propels you forward to the calling of your soul.

The Past

What are our attachments to the past? How do they come into play in our current reality? Is it cellular memory that we hold onto? Do we hold dearly onto the imprints of our soul? When we can feel and go back into the past we can come to grasp an understanding of what was and move past the state of automatic pilot mode that plays out.  Im talking about the same Sh#@ that repeats in your life in different cycles, different ways but it ends up the same way until you begin to notice. That is the moment you tune in and your perception that begins to shift accordingly, if you are paying attention. That is the key. This is the process of tuning in energetically to the soul imprints left behind – whether you feel it or not. It may be baggage that is wanting to say goodbye or shouting out to you when you are not mindfully listening. So listen. Tune in. FEEL. Open up the doors of wonder. Let the melting of cellular mass disinigrate once and for all. The past is the past. Whether that was yesterday, decades ago or a lifetime or two ago. We must merge and accept the weight of what that experience may have been and let it go once and for all. It has no place in this present moment. This present moment right in front of you only asks for you to become one with it. Imagine that. Your past and your future not defining you – but this moment of NOW.

I challenge you to awaken to this truth of blessing your past and blessing your future – you will only have one choice to surrender to this moment of NOW and in this moment of your perspective-based- dimensional reality, in the present NOW, you will coexist with the entire universe – which is an expression of all that there is and will be. Quiet your mind. Retreat your thoughts. Heal your thoughts. When peace and love can come following this – you will be come to know the aliveness of your heart and soul. The tranquility of the beauty of this unbelievable moment. The breath and existence of this NOW all coexisting as we have yet to experience and or comprehended  until the moment comes and we are captured by the glory of each moment that is presented. The emotional release is the key to freedom. Freedom opens up the door to surrender. SURRENDER opens up the door to love. Love shows to you all that is unconditonal. So let what needs to be released, released from your level of perception. Change your reality –  to merge with a new reality of uplifting heart based perception.

When we come to know

When we come to know what life can feel like from the centre of our Heart, the centre of our soul – we awaken to a deeper truth. But there is a deeper truth to be found. This is the very beginning process. The understanding of the need to surrender is inevitable and is the ultimate path to experience enlightment. We are unlearning all that we have learned and breaking down a world of barriers, limitations, judgements, controls, conditons and the confinements that restrict our growth and our greatest life calling. For we all have a path. A path of life that we must follow. Whether that be conciously or unconsciously. To choose hell. To choose heaven. Or light or dark if you will.  We are the guides that must master this process only from our place of oneness. Our place of stillness. Of contemplation. We start the path. We start the process.

Now I am going to get very personal here…

Since my spiritual awakening, I have come to learn what it feels like to be free of the ego. To be perfectly attuned to the present moment. I did the work. My soul path led me to this experience. It doesn’t make me better than anyone else. It makes me perfectly equal with everyone else.  Experiencing this bliss has been my life purpose and mission every day to go deeper into what my heart and soul needs to know. I did not realize that when you commit to the path of truth, love and growth for the betterment of evolution of my soul – that it also would present the darker aspects. Yes, I’m talking about the mouldy, dusty, dirty aspects of myself that I barried. That I ignored. Until they surfaced deeper, piercing me like a one eyed monster, catipolting me into the darkest, grumiest dungeon where I needed to feel deeply these low density feelings. My ego self loved that I was back on this plane of existence  “haha, are you crazy, did you ever think that an awakening would be the end all be all. I am a part of you forever. I guide and lead your life. I thirst off you when you hurt and I look for ways to unravel you to keep living a life of fear”. Wow. It is the moment of discovering myself all over again. Building up my spiritual process of self healing again (after completely abandoning spiritual practice due to god if you will not listening as my ego would like to think).  I created and felt the depths of hell all over again. The depths of the dark sides of my soul that I would care not to ever feel ever again. I came to realize that I am back to square one. A spiritual seeker, with a quest for heaven all over again. To feel that and experience that moment but yet again. Sometimes it made me question the existence of this universe. But, it gave me one thing – hope and compassion for my commitment to my spiritual path. To have faith. To trust. I love myself for that. I know am loving the storm as i walk and embrace all that comes. One dagger being throwin each time at me –  is a loving embrace of its place and accepting it and really loving it. For when i avoided a dagger, it hit me harder with multiple daggers on an energetic level. Walking hand in hand with the daggers of light and darker aspects of my soul create an expansion that i now have come to understand. They both are equal. 

As you move forward to embody light, you actually have to walk through the storm of the darkness. To truly feel it. Not to be blinded by it.  Or ignore it. There are great shifts that ignite. New perspectives are gained. Deeper insight. And a greater awareness is achieved. I can see how our society would define my experience as depression. I can see how I would be the first to be prescribed anti depression pills. An industry that is making a ton of money. Think about it. How much do they make feeding off people who arent able to cope? It is in the millions and billions. People may not have the tools or resources to truly discover the deeper aspects of themself? Isn’t there healing in feeling, feelings of darkness? Of carving a pathway out of these feelings of darkness? How can we self heal, if we are only dependent on a quick fix? Something like a bandaid fix. Why not look for a real loving solution. Why not feel so deeply that your heart burns in heart ache. Tears flow. Emotion flows. Healing ignites. I realize I have the ability to feel and love deeper now. Dark experiences. Light experiences. With equal love and gratitude. I realize I can be completely okay with accepting this pain but also loving it and embracing it at the same time.

I have always been a sensitive soul and understand much deeply how truly sensitive I am. The energy as of late, has been very dark. Globally, nationally, locally and within me. I know I am feeling this darkness of the world very heavily. It isnt easy to intuitively know information so deep you just don’t think it is possible in the human psyche to understand, feel what people feel of others across the world, in public, or, even what people feel of me. I feel it and have come to know that this always has and is a part of me. I am in need of introverted time and space to come to accept and acknowledge – it is the silent space that retreats me back to digging deeper without resistance. I realize the importance of the quiet solitutde. I have also realized the shadow aspects of me and feelings are now needing to be released. They can not linger in my being any longer. The fear grips on tight in place of the love that it will be replaced with. I am realizing that the stronger I hold on, the more resistance is created. The greater I surrender, the more at peace my being feels. 

This planet and the way our society is structured is built on external gain and depletes and robs us of internal gain. I realize in the midst of my surrendering process within, I am mourning the life and the others around me that are a part of this cycle. The more external gain of wanting – the more absent of internal connection there is. The more I gain internal peace, the less of the external need is wanted or needed. My attitude is shifting. And I mourn what once was of who I used to be and the person I am meant to be – alive in heart and soul. I have deeply discovered my purpose and calling even deeper thank you to the loving spell of the darkest aspects of my soul. Thank you light for shinning that light on the dark places. If it wasn’t for you, I would not know it was hidden in the first place. So I rejoice in reuniting with this new found understanding.

Expanding and evolving in loving truth. Walking hand in hand with the dark and light.

May peace and blessings be your friend. May love envelope you – as I reunite my hand to you and we join as one. I AM LOVE and LIGHT. The light is all of me and always has been a part of me.