The Rythym of Your Heart

Sacred sunday blessings. Reconginize the authentic you. Breathe in the authentic being of you. Can you feel that incredible expansion within? Delight in it. Play with it. Feel it. Own it. Dance with the game of life. What exihlirates you? What makes your heart glow with an abundant and delicate trance of your heart beat? What rythym is your heart beat? Tune into what your heart truly feels like on a soul level. Allow that expansion to come though and pierce every fragment of your being. Lots of love, light and blessings. PINK LOVE. May your week ahead be humbly blessed. Xoxo ♡♡♡


Peaks of Love

Sacred sunday blessings. Honoring the place within – which source whispers…

To feel the prescence of love is a tranquil state. For when you experience all the peaks of love, in every capacity, source has the ability to manifest in all areas of your life. For source love to flow freely through you and of you – each peak must be explored in your own divine time. Your independent journey of unfoldment is the desire to truly feel all the peaks of love – no matter the obstacle of inner discovery that is being asked of you to feel deeper. The greater depths of richness that love can truly bring to you –  are asking all of you to surrender in each beautiful moment to a deeper truth.  LOVE seeks manifestation in its fullest form to shine completley and wholeheartly though you. The highest or lowest points of peaks, open up pure desire, of the richness of aliveness. Peaks of love offer freedom that SIMPLY IS. ASK. LISTEN. KNOW the honest truth. Follow the lead of LOVE. ♡♡♡

PINK LOVE. Blessings. May this week be full of SUNSHINE basking in nothing but the peaks of the prescence of source LOVE for you. Christed LOVE always. Dusted in universal truth. ♡♡♡

Extinction to Existence

Sacred blessings. Have you ever wondered how it is so that you have evolved to be where you are today? Think about it for a moment. We had such precious creatures before us, like Dinosaurs. Have you ever pondered why they no longer exist and that we are the very creatures, along with many other evolved animals and sea beings, that represent the planet where we live now? We have evolved through the fabric of existence and creation and we have before us the power to transcend into new territory that we never knew existed. We can rise in this vibrancy through the delicate intricate element of existence. We have come to a place in our lives where we can create extinction in our human conditions that no longer serve us, such as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We can fully transcend our mind fragment into that of operating fully from our heart fragment. We may not recognize that this is even an option or is an option. But it is dear ones, it is. It is the moment possibility arises and your resiliance to face the obstacles with courage that will win the heart over the mind. Test your endurance in all outer facets of your life (perception, relationships, situations, etc) and you will come to know the extinction of your mind and open up to the new test of time of your heart. And so let the evolution begin the journey home into your heart of love. The new paridigm of heart based existence awaits. Lots of love and blessings for a beautiful week. PINK LOVE. Amplified by the power of the christed energy of 3. ♡♡♡