BEing FULLY Alive

Today’s blog post, spirit asked me to get personal and share. I am a soul living in a human body and I feel it is important to get real (where life is concerned) on this journey…

Today I am just so grateful to wake up and experience life! To know where I am today and the direction where spirit is taking me, excites me to wake up each day. The more I AM true to my heart and my authentic self the greater joy I feel. I used to put an emphasis on external gain – to fill my cup of happiness. I used to be afraid to express myself truthfully – out of fear of rejection.  I used to compensate my inner happiness – by pleasing other people. I used to keep myself so busy – so I could numb out from feeling what I needed to feel. I also liked to have some wine and stuff my face with low nutrional value foods – so I could unplug and unwind from life’s not so pleasant moments. But when I did these things, I still felt empty inside and I knew – deep within – I wasn’t reaching my full potential for life – within my heart. Don’t get me wrong, these moments still creep up for me – but a deeper truth overrides these facets and puts me back on balance. For when I am in these moments, I have always been left with the same fleeting feeling within- there was something more to be experienced from it all. Something greater than myself. So, I simply went within and found that something more. 

I am a human – as are you – and of course we must follow the eb and flow of life, of whatever that looks and feels like for each of us. No judgements. You have to do what feels right and rings true only for you and if that includes a glass of wine- go for it beautiful soul! I am just sharing my authentic truth, where i am at in my fork of the road if you will. If you relate – great! If not, that is cool too! I am now moving into a new sense of BEING that I never could have even imagined existed. Stepping into this beautiful heart space. Literally I feel elated by life! I friqin’ LOVE life. Sure I have my human moments, but in those moments greater perspectives of conciousness shifts are gained. We are all being guided gently back to this place. We may be awake to this truth. We may be naive to this truth. We may reject this truth. But something inately within – pulls us back to this authentic home – to achieve this blissful heart space.

So with a deeper dedication to the ultimate source of all within – I want to help be a part of commiting to this truth, so I can also be a guide of love for others. I can’t walk the talk, if I don’t practice the talk- equally like us all. To step into greater peace in my life and be immersed in this important soul growth work, I have done intense inner work. With my inner work, I have the clarity to help shift debris for others.

I have had a couple of rough moments of releasing further this year, and in this past month, in particular, spirit whispered to me “alcohol needs to be eliminated to help bring into alignment more of your souls calling to be of service to this world”. I AM honoring that. Now – I AM authentically stepping into my life purpose to help be of service to help others. In essence, for me to be true to myself and to serve others with unconditonal love -THE SHIT and GARBAGE that still lingers in my BEING has to go once and for all! Yes I swore. I am talking about my internal debris that is EXPIRED and needs to be released. I could deny this and say I am a perfect angel but I would be lying to myself and lying to you. We all have debris and it is only US – our OWNSELVES – that knows what this garbage looks and feels like. So why not take out the trash I ask? Would you keep a dirty garbage bag in your house and let it sit and rot – OR – would you take it out to the trash so you can have a fresh and vibrant home? So think about that for a moment and relate that to what needs to be let go from your emotional, behavioral, conditioned and genetically imprinted DNA once and for all. We can break cycles from repeating by committing to the work of “The Alive In Heart Initiave” created by Janelle Streeter which I am excited to share with you as my inner world of knowledge grows and expands to bring this gift to you. If your heart only feels compelled to receive this gift. You are your ultimate guide. Keep in mind- this is for when the time and space has come for you to empty YOUR trash. This is not others people trash I am talking about. So dive into YOUR trash bag ONLY. Are you responsible to take the trash out for all the people in your live? NO – this trash is only in YOUR hands!!! So own it, take responsibility and go through your debris and release it once and for all! 

Your inner being will thank you. I promise! As naive as we may think of this truth or not – we ultimately are meant to each experience this – within- internally – when we do the work and RELEASE what is not serving us for our highest good.

Ponder this…



Hehe – get it?! BE fully Alive in your Heart and fully step into your ALIVENESS!

Amp up your heart to love this week!

In the name of service, love and truth. PINK LOVE and Abundant Blessings!!!



The Love Movement

What an inspiring day in history. If you beleive in religion, or not, I highly suggest you tune into the enlightening speech of Pope Francis. To see the political authorities and important leaders of the United States all come together and share in his words of wisdom you could sense the heartfelt impact he made to not only those in attendence, but on a global scale. Pope Francis is helping in the efforts to show the way –  for all of us –  to build a new world order by looking at all the elements where we can be proactive to integrate change with love and irradicate fear in our society. It makes a persons heart gleam with hope and the dreams that are destined and deserved by every human being!!!

To highlight some of his captivating words shared:

“…to be an expression of one – we must build as one.”

“We must remember the golden rule – Do onto others as you would do onto you”

Perfect reflections to live by each day.

For if you love others – love will come your way.

For if you serve others – faith will serve you in miraculous ways.

You get the point. I won’t get into the fear element of it all because it is time to join the love movement. It is here to be enjoyed. The fear movement is crumbling and no longer serves it’s purpose in your world and most importantly in the collective world of one – humanity!!! Breakdown the fear shackles that are weighing you down and join in on the love committee! It needs as much support as possible! It needs your participation- NOW! You are asked to join in on the LOVE train to express it and most of all feel it within! Than, we will together rejoice in LOVE for the oneness of our humanity!

PINK love and blessings ♡♡♡


Internal Gain Versus External Gain

The vast richness of life is found in the very centre of the seat of your soul. It rests gentle and softly in your heart. Do you know what that looks and feels like for you? This is where love, joy, and spirituality is presented and gifted to you and carries you forward in each moment. Everything else is a background noise that contributes to your heaven on earth experience. For when we come to know the essence of source and let that become the generator within; we understand that nothing on the external outside can fill us as deep as the aliveness found within our heart and soul. Find that source within. Love it. Hold it. Nuture it. Adore it. Celebrate it’s beingness and watch a inner world of the heart emerge from the inside out. Fear crumbles. Love is of everything. Purpose is born. Your light and purpose shines bright and you share that purpose collectively with the universe. Imagine if all us were stepping into our authentic power – how beautiful our world will be? Open up to the magic of the universe, let’s start to dance together – united to our hearts.

This week, tune into what makes you passionate. Allow that passion to come alive. Even if you designate a tiny fragment of your time towards your passion. It will start to open up something within that was not previously seen before. Unlock this gift – a gift that source has gifted you with. There always is a starting place to begin no matter where you are in your journey.

PINK Love, blessings and gratitude. Have a beautiful week. ♡♡♡

Following the Path of Spirit

Some people need a listening ear – LISTEN.

Some people need help – help them in the name of service.

Some people need to be smiled at- smile at them.

Some people need connection – look them in the eyes and connect with their heart and soul.

Some people need to cry and release – be that shoulder to support the inner fragments of emotion that are no longer serving that person.

Some people need to incubate in solititude – bless them and love them from afar.

Some people need the prescence of someone to look up to – show them the light of your heart.

Some people need to experience rage/ despair/ depression – let them release those emotions gracefully- show them how to do that in a lovely and mindful way.

Some people want to exit this world – show them that you care about them and that their light matters – equally.

Some people need to experience compassion – forgive them and show them your heart is equally vulnerable.

Some people need to feel what love feels like – show them – don’t be afraid to follow the lead of spirit and bathe in the love of your heart extending out to others to show that radical expression of simple grace.

And so it is. Be the light and angel prescence in someone’s life today. You never know the difference you may make for them to take and lead a different path of existence.

When we open up human connection, we open up the channels of allowing and embracing authentic beingness. Each person has a different note of music to play. Let’s encourage and motivate this note to be played by everyone. My favorite quote from Wayne Dyer, “dont die with your music still inside of you”. To shine on purpose, each of us are a part of this orchestra of existence in this universe! The music notes all come together,collectively,to formulate the formation of oneness – all in sync and flow in perfect harmony. 

I encourage you to step into what spirit asks of you. ALWAYS. Sometimes we follow a path that is not ours but a projection of what others want to see of you or the good old ego- monkey-mind-machine-of- fear and we withhold back an amazing authentic part of ourselves. Be love and truth. Activate that within. FOLLOW the call of spirit always. It always know the path of uncondtional love and truth. SURRENDER is your friend in this path of life. 

In the name of PINK Love and Blessings. Gratitude for your perfect beingness!



The Battle-Field or the Love-Field

What zone of the field sounds better to you?

When we live in the state of the mind, or the ego if you will, we are in a place of fear, judgement, control, pride, anger, resentment, we complain, we relive our past, or, we may be attached to our past experiences of pain, victimhood (why me?), we may feel inferior or superior, we are jealous of others, we strive for perfection, we strive to be competitive with other – as we are not seen as ONE, we are insecure in our thought process, we are comparing ourself to others, we are gossiping and judging others. We are in the constant struggle of a battle field where our mind takes over our heart based thinking and this battlefield consumes us because our mind thinks that if we start to look at everyone as seperate we will achieve something greater. We are in constant chaos. We are not balanced, everything seems overwhelming in life. Because our mind loves to make us consume our time in this battlefield. It continously feeds of of this feeling (as it loves to battle it out at all times) and creates and dispells more of its happenings into our reality. It loves to fight. Every battlefield of every person is unique. Every embedded ego in our individual level of conciousness operates mechanically to a different tone. Our humanity cries out for the release of this battlefield and it all starts within each of us to help contribute to a global impact to allow for true world impact of peace to occur. Something greater is calling for our attention within our heart and soul. Our 3 dimensional world of duality, feeds off filling up our external needs, in replace of filling our inner needs. Dear ones you know what I am talking about. There is so much wealth to be shared equally with all. For when we give and share, we equally give back to the universe and the universe shows that love to each of us. When we hoard and want more and more greed of disconnection from source continues.

How do you step out of this battlefield and tune into the love field where it replaces the battle with unconditonal love? Wouldn’t it feel awesome to put down your defence and surrender to a different feeling? A high vibration feeling of love replaces and moves out the dark. Dear ones, even tuning into the dark feeling, it is a burden to your perspective, heavy and unholy full of nothing but dark fear.

You must let go and breakdown all the patterns, conditons and emotional attachments that aren’t serving you well.  You know what those are. TUNE into and listen to them. Your inner guiding force from source tells you in your heart what this is. 

When we come to know the beauty of the love field, equality exists, love amplifies (within our hearts and extends out into the world) connection to source intrigues us, guides us and leads us. We innately know inner divine guidance (from the essence of source) is our ability to surrender to what experience comes before us and we step into it with all our love – gracefully and joyfully!  In all and in summary the love field is the unconditonal love of knowing source is and always a part of you and operating from that heart space- always. You embrace every challenge as an opportunity of soul growth. You step into life fully with unconditonal love. Simple. Pure. LOVE AND JOY.

Listen to your inner guidance this week and when it speaks silently to you, follow what it speaks of. Don’t ignore it. Respect yourself enough to know your worthy enough. The more you don’t listen, you will attract the battlefield. When you listen, you attract and tune into the love field. Which one sounds more in alignment with your being?

PINK Love and blessings!!! ♡♡♡

Heart-Based- Conciousness (Created and available from source)

Sacred Sunday Blessings of PINK Love. Be love. Feel love. Breathe in love. Feel the love that peace brings. Isnt that an amazing feeling? Breathe that in. For source only wants that of you to align to more moments of tranquility to align with the essence of the heart based conciousness. For our world has created man- made- mind based conciousmess thinking and we have forgotten what is heart-based- conciousness thinking. Source always is presenting to is how to return back to this divine sense of heart based perception. It is presented to you when you begin to listen to the soft, suttle, moments of up and down moments of life. It is always guiding you back their – gently and gracefully. It is the driving force behind the scenes. How do you ride the wave of both good and bad moments and accept that in reality they are one? Imagine if you will having dark sunglass shades on and you only know, feel and see through “limited” aspects/ perceptions of life. So creation of what is manifested for you presents itself in that of a limited perception of experience. Imagine now, that you put on a different pair of sunglasses and they are crystal clear. Your reality is expanded. You feel, know and see unlimited expansion. Your perception is greater. Clarity and understanding is understood. This is the vibration of a new love emerging on our planet. For when all hearts are open collectively, man-made- mind- conciousness takes the back seat and a new rise of a heart- based-conciousness exists. Take a deep breathe. Breathe in love. Proclaim love. Step into peace. Even if you experience this for just a simple moment, you are expanding your depth of understanding how heart based conciousness exists. The more you expand this conciousness, the more in alignment you will begin to feel and notice. It also reflects out into the outer world and all the encounters you begin to see, feel and come to know. Dedicate a moment to your heart each day this week and see moments align and vibrate a new understanding for you! Blessings and PINK love.