The Art of What Is

Present in spirit is a gift that many feel is mystical of nature – that is not validated by science – as science is having a hard time defining exactly what conciousness is.   Scientists have seen that all twelve major areas of the brain have been activated when a person has had a “mystical experience”. What if religion and/or spirituality can help close in that gap for scientists to discover the expansion and true meaning of conciousness?

Many are in flow and in sync with what spirit asks of in their heart and soul and each moment continously creates infinite abundance for them in their level of awareness. Expansion is inwardly focused and love outpours from the inner fragment of their sacred heart- into the collective element of existence. They simply understand what is and that the art of source equally simply is. For source is the primary guiding force – for all their life’s moments. This creates the work of the inner movement. The Alive In Heart Initative. This is the bridge of creating heaven on earth and igniting a new world full of love. This is where a unique gift that source presents is gifted and found- it than shines through representing a clear conduit – in human form - as a creation of a pillar of light that comes directly from source.

Many are on the cusp of understanding what this mystical all loving spirit is. Surrender is still not a part of their human experience – but spirit gently guides them back to the place where they have come to know where peace and love is. The walls are still around their being and the metacongnitive levels of analysis still are part of their everyday function of operation. Spirit asks these to be transmuted and released. Most importantly for these to be faced. Not be swept under the rug so to speak.

Many deny or dismiss source simply because they do not know or feel it is important to come to understand. This is the premise of being immersed in everything that may claim to bring happiness to the heart – but it is limited – as this cup can never be full; for it inevitably still remains only half empty. So the seeker continues to search and they continue to become lost in the journey. It is only the moments that may bring them to their knees that spirit may show them the way home – if they are ready and willing to listen to the aliveness of their heart and soul.

For this upcoming week ahead, allow the art of simply what is to immerse your heart. If a situation of uncertainty,  or level of difficulty arises in your external experience, take that moment in through observation and a heart felt breath. Breathe. Listen. Respond accordingly. The most important element is to face what is difficult with love and compassion. To move through the obstacle no matter what. Think of it as a goal of climbing a mountain. Like anything in life. Everything takes hard work, determination and effort to come to a place of finding that gift or lesson within. Imagine climbing Mount Everest. If the journey to Mount Everest had an elevator – would you take the easy way out to get to the top of the mountain? What about enjoying the experience of climbing the mountain (really climbing the mountain-which is the journey of experience) with all your body, mind, heart and soul (no matter the obstacle you are faced with). Immerse yourself fully in all your challenges. You will come to learn and grow in the spirit of love.

May your week also be infinitatley blessed by the art of all that there simply is. Become Alive in what is. Become Alive in the delicate art of it all. Life is beautiful sacred heart. May you come to know this beauty in your sacred heart.

Bless you. Love you. Sacred love.

Blessings and PINK Love.



Peace In Love

Spirit shows the essence of a beautiful heart on this sacred day. What do you think of when you see a heart? Do you think of purity? Do you feel love? 

For in the presentation of a sacred heart truth is presented. Love is what is called to become Alive.

Love is the sacredness of knowing and simply allowing life to be. Allowing the “peace of love” to be felt in each moment.

What is opposite to Love? Every other feeling that pulls you under the water as if you are drowning. For being attuned to a “peace of love” is breathing the freshness of life into every aspect of your being.

Breathe in and out the integration of love and peace. Breathe in a “peace of love”.

Spirit is holy. Spirit is gentle. Spirit is kind. Spirit is mother, father, God and Holy Spirit. Spirit is peace – in the truth of love. Spirit is showing this inner wisdom of what a “peace of love” can BEcome for you.

Team spirit of love is your Allie. For everything opposite to that is thy enemy.

Spirit presents your heart to you. You are the creator. You are the writer of your heart. You are the bridge to a “peace of love” within your heart and soul. So how are you going to shape your heart of love? What is that going to look and feel like for you?

In the name of deep peace and in the name of love may your week be humbly blessed by your sacred heart from the sacred love of peace you may come to know that is only found within. It burns to be heard. It burns to be ignited – to create aliveness in heart and soul.

Peace in thy name of love. You are a “peace of love”. Pink sacred LOVE. Pink sacred heart. Ignite your flame within.

Blessings. PINK Love. Amen.


♡ ♡ ♡






The Simplicity of Gratitude

Gratitude and thanks is the single most important gift you can give to your heart and soul and most of all share with others. For when we are truly grateful, our perception is not clouded. It is clear. It is vibrant. It is beautiful. More of that beauty can flow in and out pour to every area of our life.

Take a moment today to integrate this into your every day routine. It is the simple blessings that are the most delightful expressions of life.

A simple gratitude prayer connects you immediately to source:

“I give thanks for the blessings of health, a roof over my head, I have a wonderful warm bed to sleep in, food to eat, love in my heart, family and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is. Amen. ”

When we integrate gratitude, we integrate blessings. When we integrate blessings, we integrate love into our life in all forms. We are open to receive divine abundance – in all forms – when we continue to always feel and show our appreciation. 

Open up to the abundance of appreciation of life. When we are trapped in the attachments of how source is NOT serving us, we attract more of what we dont want in our lives. We close the door on a god given gift we all have been given.

Source not only wants to hear demands of “wants in life”,  as that sometimes can come from the premise of our ego mind. Source wants you to acknowledge all forms of the blessings bestowed before you – and – to give thanks. The very simple things in life that we simply take for granted.

If your a parent, or a caregiver of child, gift this basic teaching to them.  As a parent myself, I always remind my beautiful children that there are children in this world that are fighting for their lives every single day – due to their basic needs and health concerns. So we must bless them and wrap them in our thoughts with love and or help them in anyway we can by serving them. Secondly, the discussion of “wants” and “needs” are always discussed and brought into observation and perspective for review. For in our world, we are exposed to every possible external need, or trend, that claims to bring us happiness. But in the end does it truly do this for us? And when it doesnt, it asks us to consume more. For when our cup isnt full, we must fill the role as a consumer, that keeps up with the trends -because we start to place our self worth on trends as they help to define who we are. But does this truly define and shape the essence of who we are destined to be? What about inserting the truth and love in “internal happiness” over external “quick fixes”? External needs elevate our mood of happiness for a short period of time and the cycle begins again and again. Isnt it time to get off that tread mill? What about finding our self worth of love and happiness inside the aliveness of our heart and soul? The last most important element we can share with our children is the gift of “are you a leader or a follower?”  This has come up a number of times for review in our family foundation. Are we teaching our children to follow popular trends, media, pop- culture, social behaviour, cultural influences, attitudes, perceptions, friends out of the need to “fit in”? Or, are we showing our children how to be independent leaders and thinkers? The less conformaty we have in this world, the more we will start to see new perseptives, new thought provoking motivational thinkers, resiliant, compassionate, and loving leaders to build a better future. Our kids are shaping what our world looks like – tommorow. At the end of the day, the simple foundation (where this all stems from) is the gratitude and thanks of all that we are and all that we are becoming to help serve this world in a mindful – loving – compassionate way. 

So today, and for this upcoming week ahead, embrace the simple blessings of life. Yes the very simple ones. They count. All of them do. See how that moves your heart and soul in a different way. See how that opens up your view and watch what source presents to you in your “Alive in Heart Initiative”.

PINK Love and Blessings. May your week be blessed by the abundance of gratitude and humble thanks. 

I LOVE YOU and am grateful for you. Bless you. Thank you for being you.





Heart Link

Did you know that “the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the seat of the human soul and the brain was irrelevant?” Think about it, when you get excited, scared happy or sad that your heart starts to pound quickly and your brain remains stagnant only producing DNA embedded- structured behavioural, thought pattern mechanisms and your heart is that guiding force, through its physical actions, that communicate to you when you listen and tune in (Source Finger 2000; Raulin 2003). What an interesting fact, as the premise of how psychology and philosophy has involved, to where it is now today, propels us forward to beleive that the brain is the “most complicated structure known to the universe”. This is when science started taking the forefront of mastering the brain versus the heart as science actively dismissed the Egyptians intuitive sense of the heart being the primary generator. Why is this so? 

Maybe scientists have concured that the brain is more facinating than the heart. But could the missing link to the human heart and mind (brain) be the function of the Glial cells that provide blood flow to each other – both intracatley – supporting, helping and communicating  to each other as if it is a chain link connection? Albert Einstein had twice as many Glial cells compared to what they label as a normal brain (Fields, 2009). Very interesting!!!

How do we open up this intuitive sense of our Heart and it’s functions? How do we merge our heart based thinking to take the forefront in our lives? How do we tell our brain to take the back seat and quit doing all the man made thinking that has been conditioned upon us by many factors of our levels of analysis, including social, biological and psychological infuses? Included in this platform, is adding in the so called metaphysical element of it all  – spirituality- which scientists admit they can not disprove as they have not found an active measurement to falsify the existence of source. What work is involved to overcome the brain operation and tune into the heart as the primary driving force of our lives? How can we change the way scientists look at spirituality to open up to a deeper truth of our existence – the primal urge and intuitive call of our Heart based existence; which has been eliminated from scientific studies all together.

Could the very steps of the evolution of humanity be the link to merge into heart based thinking verus our brain thinking? Could unplugging what we dont want to face or look at- within- be that primary guide that provides those very answers we seek? What if we start with genetics for example, what traits or behaviours have you adapted through your family tree? List those items and acknowledge them. Secondly, as you release conditioned behaviours, what is surfacing within, such as, insecurity, anxiety, depression? Understand the “why” as best as you can. Understand the root cause of pain if you will and why it is coming up for you. Now tune into the emotions of hurt. Feel. Cry. Release. Surrender. Than as you move through this mental debris, continue and repeat for as long as necessary until it no longer is in your automatic brain synapse. It is replaced by a new neuropathway and linked to your heart operation. The imbetween language of each step, to get from one step to the next, is where it all counts. It is considered the “Alive in Heart Initiave” which is YOUR guide. Which is YOUR quadtrinity tool box. This is where you find the resources and equip yourself with the appropriate tools that serve you most appropriatley. Close your eyes. Tune in. See and feel this for YOURSELF. This than allows for the most effective transition to transform your mind thinking to generate your heart based operation.

Give this a go. Let your heart be the guide of it all. Your heart speaks only to you. It physically wants to communicate with you. Are you listening?

PINK love and blessings.  May your week link you to your heart- fully and completely.