Depression Unplugged – now let’s bridge the gap

The inner heart of source within spoke today so deeply on the matter of “depression and anxiety”. Please enjoy this share. 

Spirit asked me to get real with this article and unplug what is separating two truths currently in the medical and spiritual arena of anything related to anxiety and depression. What will it take to be cohesive in co-creation to collobrate a brighter world in this area? Why is depression spreading like wild fire? Some statistics are presenting 1 in 3 people. Wow. Why is this so? Do we even care to know? We are talking about this more in mainstream media and we are seeing this touched in the lives of our friends and familes. Why are we feeling this way? Why is this feeling a feeling we are not alone in experiencing in our society? The stigma is lessening about mental health the more we are willing to open up and talk about it (and mostly share) – but also the numbers of depression are growing. Each number represents a human being who has a heart and a soul and as a society, how can we become a voice for these valuable human beings that have a birth right to feel amazing? How can we help them come to know what the sacredness of amazing can feel like for them?  How can we bring them to a place of deep – rest within? 

These blessed human beings have an equal place in this world just like everyone – you – me – your family member- your friend – your neighbour. We are so interconnected. We must continue to be a voice for change and become a solution for a voice in the matter if this hits close to home for us. We are part of the solution to help find that place of deep- rest within depression.

This is a fineline to speak about, as we sense seperation from both ends of the spectrum. Rightfully so, western methods are validated and researched based. I get it. We get it. We as humans need to quantify our thinking by obervation and discovery that has been made. Science continues to take the lead in this game. Anything new throws out how we come to rival our hyptheses. In the spiritual arena, we are up against critics, scientific researchers and educated experts who dismiss mystical data presented. For it is “woo-woo” so to speak, because the “unseen” or “unexperienced perception” of the “conscious observer” who is playing the role of looking at what is presented to be validated can not quantify, what it is they are looking for, if they have not come to a place of observing the “quantifiable quality” of the data presented in the first place – based on the constructs of their “conscious outlook of their perception”.

So how do we fully shine light on anything related to depression and what needs to be understood from both truths of the matter? How do we bridge the western and eastern practices and methods of depression to help create unity (mostly for the people that are experiencing these deep human emotions ) and how do we help build stronger -emotionally – vibrant communities in which we live to support the people in which this occurring? Simply put, how do we unite medical and spiritual approaches to unplugging the truth of depression and how can we successfully treat the mental aspects of what is going on in the human mind, also while seamlessly tapping into an innate sacred gift of why “depression” is surfacing? 

How do we extinguish and put put out the wild flames of the statistics of 1 in 3? Meditation is proving traction in both areas – western and eastern practices. Recently, a doctorate professor presented how amazing meditation is. This is a step in the right direction. Bonus. How do we go deeper down this path of discovery to heal, recover and successfully treat depression? 

On the western side of the medical world, we do understand it is vital to help look at neurotransmitters in our brain and how they play a role in how we feel and how these can be influential in supporting our depression; however, how do we look at not only a bandaid fix (prescriptions) but the very reason WHY (the root of why ) we are feeling the way we are and why are brain and body chemistry changes when we experience depression. What is making this happen for us? Why is depression spreading like wild fire across the globe? What is motivating this “label ” to surface to allow this place of “pain” in to feel like this?

So this moves us in to the spiritual undertone of it all. Is there a force within that is helping to magnify this within us? If so, why is this the case? Why do we feel so caught up and trapped in our emotions? What is preventing us from breaking free? 

I may leave you with more questions than answers on this subject. Sorry about that. Just want your thoughts to dive deeper into the awareness of what is being presented. It extends further beyond the label of “depression or anxiety”. But in asking the questions, answers come naturally and with answers this opens up the gift of sacredness in finding the gift in depression unique to you. You are the answers you seek. Ask the questions with in, be open. Be receptive to the answers you receive. You got this in each moment. Depressed moments that overlap with each other start to articulate into Deeper moments of contemplation of life. With contemplation comes the ability to accept the circimstances that you have created for yourself. When you open up to forgiveness of these circumstances, you open up to what letting go can look for you and in letting go you will not only learn to fly but you will also learn to find deep rest in peace with whom you are, whom you always have been and whom you are becoming.

For connection on this topic and to help in guidance on your depression from a wholistic viewpoint, please connect with me if you are guided :

Bless you. Become the essence of the spirit of deep rest. Your sacred heart is asking of this from you.



(Note: this is a raw blog post, coming from the heart so you will find grammar and spelling mistakes. This represents helping you to expand your mindframe on releasing what perfection looks like as everything always is and always was perfect just as source intended. Just like you. Remember that you were built on perfection and it is a process we come back to learning as we have forgot. It is the natural beat of each of us. Bless your perfection. I welcome it. )

Persistence of Faith

This is a message for all beautiful souls. Yes- that is everyone!!! May these words bless you –  just as you bless this world by sharing the beautiful essence of the aliveness of your heart.

humbly share and open up to you my personal testament of my spiritual journey – freely – as i commit to the walk of faith. My journey has come alive through marvelous teachers whom I AM humbly grateful for each day. I AM finding great comfort in personal soul integration and spirit is showing the light of true transformation. My depression (Deep- Rest) has become a sacred gift – to birth into existence the “Alive In Heart Initiative”. An initiative dedicated to your sacred heart – that I am excited to share with you as my soul transformation unfolds for me. It is an infinity guide of love to help assist you in moving through conditons, patterns and emotional road blocks that are preventing you from accessing your sacred heart. Of course I am equal to whom you are. I grow some days. I am stagnant or stuck some days. Each day presented – good or bad – are equally a gift to help align my soul to the richness of the most sacred place of the heart. Just like what is presented to you. So birthing this heart focused Intiative is a process ; as I want the information to be clear that spirit is showing me. As I journey through this place, I also want to share so you can relate and equally grow. You deserve this gift just as much as everyone does on the face of this planet. This is necessity for everyone to feel and experience. This is why we see the influx of so many people sharing beautiful messages of hope and inspiration – as these people geninuely want to make a difference to help spread more peace and love. Every day we experience so much fear. And that is why everyone is stepping up to this greater call for our humanity. Because we are all interconnected and the people that have opened up to truth, want more people to open up to what the truth can look and feel like for them. We never can push though as we all have free will. We only know innately when we are ready to “wake up” and listen. We all have our own inner compass that communicates this signal to us.

So I now have the guide of source showing to me what I need to share with the world. I am learning to navigate the human learned “supressed” state of mind to a joyful state of mind. This journey is not an easy one to say the least. But somehow, I continue to find comfort in where source is guiding me. Much like you I presume.  I have come to understand the journey of faith may start to feel isolating at times and is experienced in multiple layers until a sense of surrender is felt. The seeking simply IS. Completeness is felt NOW. As source only wants us to feel in direct connection and purity of what is provided from our ultimate sense of self. Nothing else can feed this until we come to this realization. The ultimate point of realization we are seeking – already is complete within our sacred heart. We grow in the sense that no outside source can give us what we need. It is only the essence of our being that can nourish us with love completeley. When your conciousness shifts immensly – so does your external life of circimstances. Your reality is multidimensional and expands beyond any form of realization that your human mind has only been conditioned to dismiss as nonsense and mystical of nature. We step beyond time and space and we can sense the shifting points of the realities and dimensions that are and have been experienced in moments of synergistic nature. We are in constant creation mode in every parellel reality. We are always in the driver seat coming to a fork in the road with one decicison to make and both decisions are still utimately experienced. God or your higher essence of being (whatever religion or spiritual essence you have come to learn and accept as your truth) provides this gift to us – as their is truth in understanding our ego/mind limitations (that need to be stripped bare of all necessities that we have grown accustomed to beleive). Simply better put – we may fall victim to believing the illusion of our experience and we remain trapped in our conditioned mind. We grow identitied to the roles we play, our contributions to our career, materialistic needs and demands, our connections with friends and family etc.  Source wants us to understand that in our soul expressions of realization – this is where our multidimensional self comes alive. We all equally have a gift to share with others in our journey and it is a matter of bringing that gift to the forefront in your life and sharing your inner sense of truth that only you have experienced and have come to know. Somedays are easy and you feel like you are on cloud nine with life and how “heaven” if you will communicates with you. Other days you hit the depths of “hell” and sometimes you feel a sense of hopelessness. When tragedy or pain take places, we continue to learn about human emotion and we either learn to “resist fear” or “feel the fear”. The power of transmitting our sense of self and our “identity” we have learned to accept, lies in feeling the fear.

Please accept this share from my inner sense of being. I share in the name of the holy spirit and the highest aspect of myself. I humbly ensure everything i speak and write comes from that sacred heart space that source has intended. I share freely in the name of a love and light –  as a service to the world. A gift we all equally posses in our sacred heart space – whether it is dormant or alive- this is based on your level of consiousness and your soul contract with your inner sense of shift point.

Please take these words of perspective and relate to them in anyway that fills your heart and soul.  My purpose is to help illuminate inspiration on the truths of life and share perseptives on inner transformational growth. Some people may resonate with my words and others may not. This is all dependent on where you are in your journey. It doesn’t matter what side you fall on if you will. For it is is all perfect and in accordance to the will of the divine. For every thing is perfect in the eyes of source and in divine order. This is the nature of life and we must find what is suitable to the matchings of our soul call. I will continue to share my spiritual journey (my walk of faith) as something larger than myself (the presence of the all that is of the divine holy spirit) is propelling me to share words of hope and inspiration to help contribute to peace and love on earth. For my soul will not rest, until our world can shift into the magnitude of what our world can achieve on a global scale one day ~A global conciousness shift that magnifies the beauty of life and irradicates anything opposite of that. ~ 

May you be blessed by these words wherever you are on your souls path and if they should not match to your inner being i hope that you come to find a pillar of light that matches where you are in your journey. In the end, we all will find our way home – regardless of wherever we may be. For everything is equal in the name of source and the journey of love is seeing a reflection of oneness in everyone we meet. Firstly in the name of source, in the name of love. And the path of our true sense of self. Amen to the beautiful essence of you. 

Bless your listening ears and opening up your heart to feeling that place of aliveness within.

If you want an open space to talk, please contact me:

I would happy to help provide clarity for you. For my job is to help be of service to allow you to shift you sacred heart into the aliveness of all that you are. I want you to learn that you are your greatest teacher and you are your ultimate “Alive in Heart” guide.

Bless you infinitely in the name of love.

PINK Love. Blessings always – may you always know the gift of how blessed you are. Xoxo.