The Year of Embracing

Shared passionately from the heart and love of spirit. Enjoy.

Happy New Year! The Year of Embracing Love.

What a beautiful time period we are immersed in. This year opens up further expansion for all of us who are called deeper into our soul paths. For those that are unaware of what a soul path is, there are roads and bridges that are being created to open up new persepectives of awareness to you that have been previously hidden. These may be bridges or paths that we are fearful to cross, because we may be uncertain and may be disheartened as to what comes up for us. Spirit provides this growth opportunity to transpire and it manifests exactly perfect to what we need to experience- for within each experience – we gain gifts of the heart- as it is the truth of the sacred heart that is being revealed to us in each moment whether we know it to be of this sacred love essence or not. Spirit always wishes to embrace us through every experience we encounter in each moment of our life and our soul path if you will – so we innately learn this year to embrace this love within our sacred heart further. 

When we enter into embrace, we think of compassionate love. We think of being comforted and touched by the delicate comforts of the love of spirit. You can almost picture a precious baby all wrapped up and swaddled. So comfy and cozy and so present in this affection of being nutured and cared for. The baby if you will, innately knows without a doubt that it’s needs will be met as the baby’s neural development of cognitive capacity is firing at an optimal rate of activity:expecting and waiting to feel what love feels like. To understand and learn the world around him or her. To trust on basic needs being met. In a sense, all the baby knows is surrender and embraces the outcomes that take place in each moment. Each circuit of cognitive knowing is being framed and conditioned with every experience the baby is being presented with. So when we think back to a sweet little baby, may we be reminded of the innocence that each of us have been embraced with since the day we have come into existence and stepped into this journey we call life. We may have fallen out of this knowing. We may not ponder it or even come to think of this “deep talk.” We may know very well how to be embraced, or, we may not have figured out what embracement looks like or feels like yet. Or, we may seek to be embraced. Or, we become and be embracement itself. Whatever you feel that represents any aspect of embracement within- trust and know that this truth is coming from within and is speaking to you. Your mind will continue to try and get a few words in and test your endurance of embracement – but, the truth always will remain within regardless of what it speaks of. 

Truths of the gifts of the sacred heart are emerging. Spirit asks you to contemplate, “In the roots of your pain and suffering, you will be greeted by the seeds of where your life purpose awaits you”. When you have thought about the answer – truly and deeply – and felt it truly from your heart within, move onto, “In each and every moment, I seek clarity.” Feel and listen – can you feel the aliveness that is coming to you? Is it silent? Is it dormant? Expand on that, “In each and every moment, I am open to clarity.” How does that resonate and how does that speak to your soul? Lastly, ” In each and every moment, I am alive to clarity.” What richness does this add to the expansion of what your heart is calling of you? Do words come to mind?Feelings? Thoughts? Images? Senses? What is the message that comes to you in the aliveness of your heart and soul? You only have the answer. No one else. No external source. So embrace your inner world like you never have ever done before this year. The aliveness of your heart and soul is asking this of you. Embrace your Alive in Heart Initiative. You have free will and freedom of choice. How are you stepping into the truth of that call? Embrace what calls to you and speaks to you on a heart based level and the keys to your sacred heart will emerge within the gentle comforts of embracement.

Abundant blessings are showered upon you, for if you truly knew how amazingly blessed you are  – a whole world would ignite with passion and love everywhere. 

***Faith is opened and true love is experienced when the truths of life are revealed.***

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