The Alive in Heart Initiative Dedicated to YOU…

Food for thought: Inner Reflections

The Master of self actualization bears all and is willing to accept all imperfections to lovingly embrace the true union of oneself. For in the truest essence of union with oneself, you can than become the truest expression of the highest aspect of yourself-  just as god intended you to be. The masks hide your true identity from the one God wants to show you. The highest aspect of you without your masks – is God calling to you.  We should be blessed because of the choice of free will – for all paths of religion, faith and spirituality guide us to unite to the Grace of God. God has provided us with the gift of the call to the truth of life; with a decision to guide our life in faith or not. Regardless of what path you choose, he will not judge or condemn you because they both hold equal value. He is asking for your love and devotion -which you can accept or deny. But he doesn’t push or initiate this – because he only wishes for you to make the choice should you wish to do so. He can show you Heaven on earth and the Aliveness and Truth of Life –  if you wish to step on the journey of discovery. This is available equally to all for those who take the step. Are you listening to the sacred essence of your heart, or, are you silently ignoring this call? He wishes to merge his heart, with your sacred heart and bask you in nothing but Love and Light.

Food for thought: Outer Reflections

Do not judge others imperfections, for you are judging a reflection of what you are denying within yourself. Love and honor everyone, for we are all on the journey to expand the Aliveness of our heart and soul. Honor that you have experienced discord just as your loved one, children,  relative, friend and/or neighbor and offer comfort and love at all the stages of progression that are unfolding for them – for they too are being called closer to the call of God.

The Alive In Heart Initiative: Finding Love in God

It takes patience, courage, commitment, brutal honesty and endurance to follow the path of the truth of the heart and soul; solute, contemplative prayer with god, acceptance, awareness, listening, honesty, observation, inner reflection, purification, purging, integration, awareness and becoming. This represents the journey to the truth. Happy and sad feelings are all part of the ride and are meant to be felt versus suppressed. It takes time to understand that these feelings can be observed differently and applied with the strength of the endurance of your radiant heart. I have explored with immense strength in this spiritual journey to come to find God and Jesus – whom I could have sworn did not exist prior to entering this path. What I am learning, is to accept the process of the merging within the essence of my highest self and I am being brought to the light and heart of God and Jesus Christ. Expansion can be heavy at times – because we need to release to bring in the greatness of the Holy Spirit and sometimes our senses throw us for a loop and ramp it up a notch to make it painfully hard to bear (so much so that you carry the wounds of the world and a tone of additional baggage to boot) . So thus, the path becomes narrow – because it becomes unbearable at times and you want to give up (your mind and body might want to throw in the towel before the journey has even begun). This all takes place, because God wants to test your commitment and devotion to him (are you going to stick to him through thick and thin kind or thing).

In summary, I am exposing this vulnerable and raw truth because I am a human looking to become a better aspect of myself versus someone who I am not. My aim is to create a sense of empowerment within you that you can rise above anything when you choose to surrender and let God be your friend. Just like God wants you to be the best you can be – so you can help inspire others to this call of YOUR truth. We all equally have a gift to share. We just have to find it.

Faith, Love and Blessings. xxoo