Tug A War of the Mind and Heart

Our cognitive capacity of our sublayer mind and the many layers of it – have embedded and attached itself to our true authentic primitive being. This existence of awareness is something some of us completely are not aware of – so the level of importance to truly understand our sublayers of our mind tends to fall to the waste side if you will. This is a conversation that seems to be unappealing of nature and something that seems to not be important as some of us may encounter this topic to be not of interest – because it seems mystical of nature in a way – so why talk about its understanding – when we can talk about our individualistic culture needs of making more money, the latest fashions, our favourite TV shows, celebrities, sport teams etc.; because on a surface level these needs seem to satisfy and override our true expression of what the true meaning of life really is.

Our dismissive approach of avoidance; so to speak, is the vital force behind the “war of free will”. When we start to unravel this truth, we can begin to see how the sublayers of our mind compartmentalizes and separates us from from the aliveness of our heart and soul (whether we believe this to be true or not-this all depends on our consciousness expression of faith experience that we each individually and uniquely choose to step into) and our true light of our unique expression of our being.

Once we take the first step to not be afraid to explore the dynamics of our many sublayers of our cognitive processes – we again will persist on dropping each new level of understanding and importance to the waste side. Because with coming to understand each sub-layer, it is a matter of digging further into the “hole” – if you will – to the root of it all. When you continue to dig and unwind; confrontation with parts of yourself that you do not care to look at, or expose for that matter, it makes us feel threatened in a way – so we may stop the digging on the pathway of discovery and reflection – because the reflection is hard to look at. It is hard to face the flaws that feel uncomfortable.

Pain hurts. So your sublayer mind settles into a nice warm comfy couch – because it is comfortable and likes to be in control of your will. It tricks you into thinking you are and living a life of true self actualization of your human potential and plays the “ego war of your will” game – that becomes the leader of your life. So thus the heart, becomes the follower of your sublayer mind. Your sublayer mind is given the authority to be the leader and the ego loves to remain in this thriving environment. This is how your ego sublayer mind continues to survive because it is being fed by this drive and reinvents itself to be known.

To help step into your heart leading the way, it is essential to become vulnerable – firstly with yourself, and than showing your vulnerability to others. It is a matter of feeling much of your individual naked truth to your very core. Facing your inner child. Facing your shadow aspects where you know deep down the aspects of yourself that are not serving you completely (the shadows that would leave a sour taste in your mouth; so to speak, if someone were to advertise it out to the world). Facing your fears, deep emotions and settling into complete surrender to open the door to true freedom allows true expression of your authentic being permission to enter. To commit to feeling exposed and to look at all the weights of life that you feel you carry burdens for – for what ever reason – that speak individually to you. Your feelings will carry you through to where you need to go – to adventure and explore next. Don’t let the pain blind you so to speak. Face the hurt, guilt, shame and pain, when you are only ready of course. Be gentle. You can venture into this territory when it speaks to you. This is the beauty of the true game of free will on your courses of life and on your divine time. It doesn’t take place over night. Like anything – it takes time, patience, compassion, empathy and love to discover the roots of your pain and suffering.

Your mind and its neuro-mechanisms have primitively operated this way for some time and date way back; to create this perceived outlook of your neuro- pathways that have shape shifted the deeply intertwined “false” attachments to your true being – so inner discovery of your heart is a process that may or may not come to us automatically.

Let’s take a look at a little glimpse of insight to what our multi-sublayers of our mind may look like and what may present at any given moment in our experience:

Empowered, disempowered, moody, tense, neurotic, conscientious, open, closed, extroverted, introverted, aggressiveness, passive, agreeableness, opinionated, easily persuaded, attentive, inattentive, attached, detached, dependent, co-dependent, independent, naive, gullible, indecisive, decisive, competitive, unmatched needs of comparison, superiority, inferiority, self image, feeling better than, less than, smarter than, dumber than, more physically fit than, feeling overweight, underweight, more spiritual than, less spiritual than, more healthy than, less healthy than, more successful than, less successful than, more financially set than, more poor than, maintaining an image of living perfectly in harmony when you are bursting at the seems in chaos, control, manipulation, guilt trips, domination, unhealthy behaviours, addictions, attitudes, perceptions, and thoughts.

As you can see – this list can continue – it really grows and grows and you can even identify or not identify – or know of what needs to be added or deleted in your individual experience of life. Or, you in essence, can create a defence mechanism of operation to the list presented above. Because depending on your nurture (environments) and your nature (genetics) you were each predisposed to; these variables throw into the mix how each of us humans operate – how each of us – 7.4 Billion and counting – uniquely operate in our thought processes, behaviours, personalities, perceptions, views and attitudes that contribute to the world in which we live. It is complex, dynamic and endless in the depth of understanding (Do the calculation of the depth of this discovery if you so feel compelled to do so).

As much as we perceive ourself differently from the whole of everyone we share this life with – we really are in essence: unique expressions of life that lay intertwined as a a fabric of one expression from the creation of all that is. Life ties us all together – this experience we are all encountering at this moment of now connects and bonds us. We all make life – LIFE and we make the world go around so to speak in each moment by our contributions of how we allow our life to unfold.

We all share one commonality. We came from a single point of creation. We are the human DNA of species. Species that are meant to expand beyond the current level of consciousness awareness into a new understanding of consciousness expansion that can not be explained currently by science. But science is on the cusp of wanting to truly understand the unknown.

So for now, our level of understanding involves pulling on the tight rope; so to speak, as we are pulling in essence on one side from our sublayer mind and pulling on the other side to our heart essence. If we actually begin to change our level of observation of the matter, we can start to view the tight rope of “Tug-A-War of the mind and heart” as a symbol of truth. The reality of our experience in essence – of the heart and of the mind – are one – and there is no battle after all. Once the foundation of the seeds of your sacred heart emerge and integrate, the mind gracefully follows will. This is a whole new faith consciousness of expression that is emerging. Which is a beautiful unfoldment all thanks to our Mother, Father, God and Holy Spirit; in which ever this feels right to your knowing of faith awareness.

So how do we get to the end result of uniting with our authentic heart? We each journey, our journey of Life – mindfully. We love. We have compassion. We are to become of graceful service – when we feel called to offer a hand of service outwardly towards the people of this world – to help play a co-collaborative-equal part in a global healing effort of the “root removal of pain and suffering of the collective consciousness”. Bandaid fixes start to fall to the waste side as you approach ministry of service to the will of love in life – by feeling into each step of disharmony versus suppressing the whispers of the intuitive nature of the call of the heart. Each disharmony feeling – approaches each sublayer – head on – that carries the momentum of love forward to unravel the continuous motion of innate wisdom.

Their is truth in pain. Their is love in pain. Wisdom only comes when you walk into each full expression of each new momentum of the good and the bad. The good and bad are only are perceptions. They both are equal after all.

What if it is all heaven orientated after all? What would change for you in your life? The equilibrium of truth is available in this moment. NOW. Breathe it. Feel it. Live it. Heaven is birthed and our living “hell” if you will, of our sublayer mind vanishes because our body, mind, spirit and soul is filled with all that is and all that has primitively ever been known.

The path of faith always was the aviator cheering us on to our inner discovery – willingly or unwillingly. The path is just so – and perfectly divine wherever the universe chooses to match you and where you equally choose to match the universe of source. This is heaven. NOW.

Being awake, in a forgotten world of sleep, drifts into peaceful serenity of innately knowing why you walk the infinite gift of life – to serve compassionately – in the name of loving grace.

“Artist of the Heart in Loving Service to You”

Seed Love. Cultivate Faith. Awaken Truth.