The Perspective of Illusion

When you look at this photo, you can either look at it from one perspective, from the second perspective, or, you can see the representation of two perspectives as a viewpoint as an observer.

All of us view something inevitably different when we first view this photo. Maybe even something different a second go around. This is due to our genetics and how our environment shapes the lens we look through, so to speak, of our individual perceptive and understanding of our cognitive viewpoint of life. This is a great allegory representation of our spiritual journey of life; which allows true vibrant living to unfold organically with grace, love and wisdom. We all have the endurance to master so to speak, a clearer and broader lens of life if we choose to say “Yes” to the full benefits of what life has in store for you.

To sit truly, authentically and deeply in the observer seat of the “higher mindframe”, if you will, this takes a mindfulness dedication approach to consciousness expansion of the sublayers and many layers of the human conditioned mind frame so to speak. These automatic pain based behaviours neurally have embedded in our emotional, physical and mental responses that we have become so familiar with – that ties to our response mannerisms, behaviours, attitude, outlook/view on life and interpersonal relationships with everyone we encounter in life. We may not realize there is a different “healthier” way of responding, or, that a “spiritual element” of a root cause of a inner wound of pain is needing to be looked at deeper. It is the root that the answer comes.

Sometimes we just unintentionally avoid that uncomfortable feeling of an “inner wound” and suppress it – but their is depth in truly facing the roots of our automatic pain based behaviours that we have become accustomed too.

It is only ourselves that can come to this integration point of truly understanding the need for resolution on a heart and soul level, or, we will keep on recreating what we keep on denying, avoiding or suppressing. These are when defence mechanisms psychologically influence us.

Nature has an amazing way of reminding us of this beautiful blessed gift that is arriving for us to specially open – when pain based behaviours automatically happen and arrive at your door step in a moment of life. If your truly honest with yourself, and you reflect on this, you can sense depth of honesty and vulnerability surfacing – as truth and love is wanting to become Alive from within.

As an example for a reference point, think about a situation, incident or encounter that was unsettling inside and you reacted in a way that you know could have been handled differently in more conscious loving way. This is just a starting ground to get you thinking – deeper like the higher mind of an observer. This is where the truth to finding the roots of your pain based, inner child and shadow behaviours emerges. What does that look like and feel for you? Are you at a place of really facing the challenge? Or, would you like to sweep it under the rug – where it continues to percolate and erode your sense of your entire being? Or, are you at a place where you truly want proactive healthy positive change to ignite and lovingly serve you – finally?!

It is you that is the teacher and explorer of the roots of where bandaid fixes can no longer be present for you. You have the free will of choices – on your side working in your favour – at your own pathway of desire and leisure greeting you just as you are.

Whether we think of each unconscious reminder as a curse, or, a stroke of bad luck that is all dependent on the lens we are looking though. It is where we rise above this lens – where love, truth and wisdom fully integrate into your being. So it is important that we look to view what lens we may have on – unconsciously or consciously – we may not even know or identify with having a lens on – as we know everything, right ?! Or, is their a deeper truth to life – if we just take a step back and accept that there very well may be?

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