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The Alive In Heart Initiative – Offerings of Service:

PrayerEverybody deserves the grace to heal from whatever surfaces in a persons life. This is a basic human right that should be equally available for all. We are all at the mercy of our society (Government) who dictates our health care system and the onus is on us (from our individualistic culture) to take charge of our well-being.

This unfortunate circumstance, leaves most people in our society not being able to afford adequate support; for their complete needs of their well-being; thus, creating in balance and disharmony. To find true peace within my heart and soul, I have spent hard earned dollars, on my physical, psychological (mental), and spiritual health. All people should be gifted healing and peace within (without a price tag attached) to be inspired to be the best they can be. Please visit the tools and resources section to help support your spiritual journey as a complimentary gift to your heart and soul. 

Your quest for self actualization should be honored regardless of any financial “status” you are in. I honor that not all people can afford expensive treatments/support for their whole sense of well-being. To help serve those that need care the most, I aim to make a difference by providing compassionate and inspirational spiritual support accessible equally for all; should they need spiritual resource information and support, based on each persons independent needs, no matter what situation they are in. 

Home visit and hospital visit options (Serving Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas).

Skype- International service (English language only).

Minimum Offering for spiritual guidance, compassionate care and/or a writing consultant session/service (Exchange of giving and receiving. Determine a value you feel is appropriate beyond the suggested offerings)

  • $33 for 30 minutes.
  • $44 for 60 minutes (Includes a $2 donation to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and a $2 donation to the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch).

*Please note a special package price is in effect for the “Portrait of Love” package. Email to inquire.

Availability is most flexible between May and August. September through April, limited availability.

Contact: aliveinheartandsoul@gmail.com

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