Heart Inspired Community Founders Program

This is dedicated to your sacred journey of emergence – of your authentic heart and soul.

It is a true honor to share your commitment – to your heart and soul; to share your devotional bond to your sacred space, as an extention of Gods message of love to be shared with the world.

By offering you recognition of your divine heart space you have come to recognize that exisits with you; it is with compassionate purpose that God is helping to honor everyone’s beauty that already is innately woven within each of us.

We than birth rememberence to the richest place of existence that exists within all of creation; the aliveness of our sacredness that is undeniably tied to each of us, through the miracle of existence.”

Alive in Heart and Soul

Heart Inspired Community Founders of 2016:


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little warriors

YOUR NAME or Business Logo can also be viewed on this page if you should choose to partipcate in the “Hearts Inspiring Community Founders” Program. 

Vision: To help the people of the world – whom seek their heart – to help further awaken “partners of heart” in the community!

Let’s colloborate through cross collobration exchange of our life purpose ; where we can shine light in the dark, and inspire a collective  vision of the heart! 

This is a unique offering and would love to connect with you to see how we can help be the bridge for a brighter future.

All in the name of Gods grace, we can help in community efforts to collobrate on a unique “Artist of the Heart ” initiative.

Together, we can  help empower and awaken the greater benefit of this beautiful world we live in. 

Please connect here to inquire.

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