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Spiritual Support – “Artist of the Heart” Services

The Alive In Heart Initiative –
Areas of Compassionate Care Support:

“What the world needs most today is the hospitality of the heart. Hospitality of the heart means accepting all others as they are, allowing them to make themselves at home in one’s heart.”  - Catherine Doherty -

  • In-congruent mental attitudes, behaviors, patterns, conditions and addictions.
  • Depression/ mental Illness.
  • Pre and Postnatal – transition into motherhood.
  • Life changes, transition of life events/relationships and a new emerging health need/concern for a friend, family member or yourself.
  • Grief support – death of a loved one.
  • Spiritual growth, transformation and contemplative soul union with God.
  • Community contributions.

The Alive In Heart Initiative -Who I Aim to Help Serve:

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
- Mother Teresa –

Approaching your spiritual care therapeutic needs with a humanistic, philosophical and faith-based psychology perspective.

I am honored to be of service to you if this is something that speaks to you. This is God given gift that GOD desires to awaken within each of us. For you are destined to be ALIVE also to the highest aspect of yourself.

I love connecting with old souls and old souls at heart. It doesn’t matter what age you are. I only ask that you connect with what I am describing and use that as a guide if you are to connect with me further. My purpose is to accommodate your spiritual care needs. So please ask for anything beyond what I have mentioned in this informational sheet below (Please click to expand and ask what speaks to you)!

001 page_1 (1)Every community service will be infused with the three core values of The Alive in Heart Initiative: Compassionate Awareness, Aliveness Inspiration, & Awakening Love.

“The Simple Path, Silence is Prayer, Prayer is Faith, Faith is Love, Love is Service,The Fruit of Service is Peace” - Mother Teresa -

seed-heart1The Alive In Heart Initiative – Seeding the Spirit of Heart to Life (#aliveinheart): This is where you are asked to pay it forward in your community – by a simple exchange of love from the aliveness of your heart. This only takes a minute of your time to be of kind, loving service to seed some love into the community! Ask yourself quietly in your heart, what can you do in the community to brighten up someones day? Or, how can you make a difference by helping the environment? You are the founder of this one. Your heart inspires it all and by sharing this love within – it only grows. Together, we can all play a part in making the love momentum in our communities grow. Together, we can sow the seeds of love.

depressionCommunity Talk and Engagement “Finding Your Sacred Heart in Depression” (Complimentary Gift from the Heart): I have compassion, empathy and understanding for what you are going through, with what you are feeling-you are so not alone. God is asking me to embrace my fear of public speaking to others about depression and mental illness. The path that teaches about daily practice, devotion, surrender and love. I am coming out, so to speak, with what God has gifted to me (“God tools” –  of which, we all have been blessed with – should we choose to explore) and he is now asking me to graciously serve others with compassion by sharing the gifts I have explored and discovered (they were once dormant- but are now alive). I want others to know they are not alone and that they may be silently ignoring something within the “label” of depression or mental illness. How do we find the gifts that are surfacing within? Where do we start, where do we begin? I would be delighted to speak to your group if this is in alignment to what you are looking for.  This is an invitation to welcome ‘Satsang’ of truth into your heart.

book“The Alive In Heart Initiative” Memoir Contribution to the Community: This is for all people that feel inspired to share their inspirational stories of transition to the grace of  coming to know God. My target area of story compilation is for beautiful souls that have overcome depression and mental illness in the name of faith. I am looking for a page at most, of some of your most inspirational milestones that brought you to recovery.  This is a long term project over many cumulative years and will be presented to the local community in the future. This will graciously help in my future thesis compilation, with a goal to compile together as a book in the future (I am wanting to insert words of wisdom-  of our innate sacred heart space-  into the world to expose the myths of society). If this speaks to you, please contact me at

maslowCommunity Compassionate Care Pay it Forward (Complimentary Gift from the Heart): This is building on the work of Abraham Maslow’s humanistic approach to psychology, which is based on the five basic pillars of needs that need to be met, in order for a person to reach self- actualization. In support of this theory, I love working with people that are homeless and have addictions; as I can feel the darkness that permits these beautiful souls from reaching their full potential. A ‘God-Bless-You’ exchange can go along way! Even a delicate touch or words of wisdom, can help inspire and grow someones inner world tenfold. I truly would love to offer a compassionate healing, helping-hand and heart in the name of love to be of service to those that need a hand up. If you have a community initiative, event, or, need some assistance (I can be your co-creator pilot), that inspires this connection with these beautiful souls, please let me hear about it and I would be delighted to help out!

love port“Portrait of Love” Package (*For local and surrounding area residents): Reveal your inner heart. Reveal your love glow. Emerge into your true heart. This is a special package that is a gift to you that says, ” I love you.” It consists of  picture of yourself taken by a professional award winning photographer (like a head shot of your self or a full body image; so dress up and radiate your love glow) and also includes a special love exchange of heart based spiritual guidance. Do you have a question you need to ask? A direction you are seeking? Or, do you need a little hand up in the department of your sacred heart? This is where you will be gifted 30 minutes of devotional guidance time, in person, or, an email message exchange with inspirational shares specific just for you. To top this package off, you will also receive a special journal; where you are encouraged to continue to follow your journey of your heart further. When you open this journal to the first page, a special customized message will help evoke love and faith in your journey to further inspire your “Portrait of Love.”

*The Photography image includes one digital file for you to use and also you can purchase additional life’s moments photography additions. Please note your photography requires an appointment to be booked directly with the photographer. Special package price in effect. Please email to inquire.

logo_1373059126Please visit the beautiful work of Lynn Streeter (who is my beautiful sister), who is a professional – award – winning photographer, in Edmonton and surrounding area. Her website is

Four_seasons-17nj4ip“Seasonal Grace – Awakened Perspective” Annual Commitment Package: You will receive words that speak to you- that speak to your heart from an awakened perspective to offer you inspiration. You can choose to receive these words in the mail with a special reminder of love. Or, via email. This is the artist touch of weaving beautiful words together, that captivate your heart and soul- with the intention to restore your faith in the beauty of life to encourage you to keep on going and to look through the lens of pure love. Every 3 months, 4 times a year, for this annual package, this will be sure to impress the delicateness of inspiring your sacred heart further. You got this. Life wants to love you – as much as you want to love life!

heartnsoul1“Seeding Heart and Soul Together” Annual Commitment Package: This is a package that says YES, “I Love You” to your heart and soul. Why are things stagnant and stuck for you? Why do you feel you have not grown and why do situations keep on popping up for you? Every month, we will connect for one year and help to motivate proactive change within you. These are the seeds that you sow through guidance. These precious “seeds of gems” have always been within you – it is just a matter of finding them, harvesting them and giving birth to them. Guidance will help lead you to the steps you need to take. You are the leader who must make the steps in love and faith- because this is your life.  This is just a reminder to bring you back on track to your sacred heart space. To move out of your head, and into your heart. In essence, as one of my sacred teachers gracefully says, “Be the mind, and the heart will follow.” For we must step into the heart and this is what this compassionate guidance is all about – to serve as a reminder and a gentle push to guide you down the “right” path – the path of the heart.

angelAngels Grace of Healing Love (*30 Minutes Complimentary for local residents – with one 30 minute compassionate care visit): This is a special bed side service in the comforts of your home or hospital room. I will greet you exactly as you are. I will offer you comfort, strength, wisdom, love, compassion and inspirational bed side care. Surrender to the delicate grace – of angel grace therapy. I will help to infuse your heart with compassion and love. I will offer you sacred words of wisdom to you, to inspire and uplift your spirits. I will hold your hand, look into your eyes and offer you comfort. My goal here is to uplift your mood by embracing you with the delicate grace of the comforts of soft delicate angel wings. Tears may be shed. That is what happens in the healing presence-of the loving presence-of Gods loving embrace of your sacred heart!

love gift“Love Is In the Air” Custom Gift Creation (* For local residents only): Are you not sure what to get your friend, co-worker, or loved one as a gift? Are you looking for a heart felt gift? Something that evokes and says “YES” I love you and I want to show you how much I love you by simply gifting something that is truly special, thoughtful, touching and meaningful? This will pull heart strings of love. I would be delighted to help you with your shopping needs to help support this loving care gift selection for you. You pick the budget and I will put together this love care package for you – all wrapped and ready to go. You can even add in ALIVE delivery service for finalizing the cherry of Love on top – “You are Alive. I love your Heart and Soul. I love the essence of who you are.”

flowersFlowers for Love Exchange Program: Thinking to send some flowers to a friend or loved one who could really use the freshness of what flowers bring to a persons heart? How about swapping out the flowers and sending in a dose of ALIVE love, from compassionate spiritual care. Be inspired to continue to flourish and grow in the Aliveness of Love  – with flowers exchanged – for a pure love exchange.

Infusing the Depth of Love Into the Journey of Parenthood: Did you just bring parenthome your new little one, or, have kids that are growing up to be little adults? Do you feel a mixture of up and down feelings as you step in this new journey ahead into parenthood? Or, are you trying to seek some basic comfort for the feelings you are feeling but are afraid to feel? You are not alone. Lets work on igniting your heart to the true you.

WritingCreative-Community-Communication Service (A Dose of Marketing Love Filled with Spiritual Infusion): Are you looking for someone to help you review the words and writings of a resume, speech, letter, newspaper article, blog post, brochure, pamphlet, print ad, radio script, website, annual report, employee wellness policies and procedures, or any other advertising medium? Or, do you have a community event that you need assistance with putting the overall goal of yours together (to reflect a true representation of what you are wanting to represent)? Lets infuse spiritual depth, of inspirational communication, into the words/brand you are communicating to the public arm – and the world at large. God gave me the gift of writing and weaving together words ever so intricately. So I feel compelled to help anyone who is called for assistance in this regard. I love non profit, community and spiritual related work!

little warriorsPlease check out One amazing gal, Glori Meldrum, had this amazing dream to help children heal and it become a reality. Visions I belief are a gift from God. This charity I truly admire and to this day I am super grateful that its inception was a major part (stepping stone) in me learning/sharing a part of my life purpose with the community.

senior heartOld Souls Carry So Much Wisdom (Seniors at Heart): Looking for someone to spend time with? Feel alone because your family and friends are out of town? Need someone to make you a cup of warm tea, or, coffee? Do you need some gift wrapping done? Call on spiritual care to be your companion. I would be delighted to spend time with you. I always have held a special place in my heart for seniors. I guarantee to infuse this visit with love, inspiration and compassion!

listeningThe Grace of Listening: Looking for support? Need an unbiased, non judgmental sounding board of reason to look out for the needs of your heart and soul? Well compassionate care is your friend and I would delighted to open up the conversation of the heart with you. This includes multiple areas of focus. Please refer to the brochure above for areas of focus where I can help assist you.

seekerSpiritual Seekers: Not for the faint of heart, but for those who are seriously committed to the truth of life and or have found out about the truth of life and are looking for some guidance to help shift what integration is emerging within you. Enough said. You know who you are and your heart will know if this is the right connection.

If any of these speak to your heart, please visit the ‘Connect’ section to be in touch with me.

***Disclaimer: Please see a medical doctor if you should require medical advice. This is by no way a replacement to your existing therapy, medical or medication advice. Please seek immediate medical support by dialing 911 if you are in an emergency or crisis situation. You release all liability pertaining to all spiritual and suggested based therapeutic methods shared by Alive In Heart and Soul. Thank you for understanding and for your commitment to this understanding. ***

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