The Essence…

December 2013 opened up my view on life, something moved me in a way that I have never felt before. I was in a place in my life of giving up hope. Within that desperation, I found true love, and what some may call a taste of Source Energy (I feel it is the essence of Pure Divine Love. Some may call it God.). I felt the universe–every single ounce of the richness of divine “PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.” For once in my life- my life made sense. All the Spiritual Teachers and Gurus out there in this world (Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Louise Hay to name a few)- I now knew what they were all talking about. I felt LOVE. I breathed LOVE. I embodied LOVE. I was in the most prestigious moment of self discovery I never knew possible. I marveled in the beauty of inspirational words these captivating Gurus spoke of – it no longer was gibberish language that confused me.

eagel in hawaiiI felt what it was like to embody the energy of LOVE. I felt this incredible-enduring-release and surrender-of-my-EGO, and an unconditional-loving-expansion of Aliveness-within-my-Soul. I felt Heaven on Earth. I experienced Heaven and Earth and my senses opened up – all six of them. All my life, I thought that Heaven on Earth could only be found if I only passed away beyond this vessel of my physical body. I sure was wrong- I found Heaven and Earth NOW. My heart guided me to this inner awakening and my purpose was born.

1626I am a soul just like you! I have a heart that guides me to spread Divine Love Energy into the world. I am addicted to positivity: living and breathing that essence into my everyday life. I am guided to help others find that inner peace and love within the essence of their soul. I am compelled to share with others- a message of internal beauty.  For when you are ready to seek what is dormant in your heart, you can truly be set free and “Alive-In-Heart-And-Soul.”

1032Have you stepped into the Aliveness of all that YOU are? Are you in tune with the essence of your Soul? BEING in tune with who YOU are, is all about loving and embracing ALL OF YOU. My spiritual backbone (yes, I said it, the spirit word –a word that may not vibrate with all- it means pure love, divine one) all comes from LOVE and I AM here on earth to help encourage you along in your journey – to find your Aliveness within your Soul. That essence of YOU is waiting to be found.

Please accept these words of encouragement wherever you may be in your journey. I welcome and I am grateful for all that you are. For together – we are all ONE.

Many divine blessings.

In Divine Faith, Love, and Blessings, Janelle Streeter

xxx ooo

**Please note all writings are created to spread love. My intention only comes from pure love. If you should wish to share, please cite all information. The elements of these creations originated from Alive In Heart and Soul. Blessings and thank you.

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