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Harmony, Balance and Heart Based Community Gifts:

“To humbly serve the call of purpose and passion; to help in the collective efforts of a building a loving world. For God asks to lovingly serve brothers and sisters. So move forward and ask in your heart, how may I serve for the greater good?” Alive in Heart and Soul

  • This personal inspiration, is a go-to “tool-box” to help close the gap for people who financially do not have access to fund their self actualization services. The foundation of these tools work as followed:
    • Faith-based spiritual tools from the heart – to help inspire founders of their very own heart.
    • Humanistic Psychology Perspectives- To help integrate a “new heart based faith approach” on the roots of pain and suffering.
    • Acceptance and Freedom - to honor each person with unconditional love and to help serve as a guide for individual expression of self-actualization; to help assist in the discovery of authentically and innately woven wisdom – of faith and love.
  • Contributions are welcomed – to continue igniting the spirit of the heart. Please know their is no requirement to give and do so only as you are guided.
  • Blessings and gratitude for believing in the collective vision of the sacred heart of faith we all carry within (whether you know this to be true or not)!

Your Spiritual Journey Devotional Work:

“You must not just speak it or write about it; you must move into living it, fully in your heart and soul, and become the radical trans-formative expression of who you are meant to be.” Alive in Heart and Soul

Daily Mantra Practice

Conscious Awareness Exercise

Integrated Purification Process Worksheet

Custom Devotional Guide of Faith

Revitalizing Faith Mirror Exercise

“For love within – multiplies to all – to express and feel – freedom in faith!” Alive In Heart and Soul

Guide For Use:

 “To live life on purpose, it takes daily devotion and practice. With daily devotion and practice, you can merge into the heart of pure love you always have imagined.” Alive in Heart and Soul

  • All you need is access to a printer, to print off in the comforts of your home, office, school, or library. Pick up a pen next and begin the process of your heart!
  • The Integrated Purification Process Worksheet requires the use of a gold or silver pen (this is on mindful purpose).
  • To help ignite the full benefits of being present in the grace of faith and love, for the Revitalizing Faith Mirror Exercise, you will have to add the following steps:
    • This exercise builds off of, restoring the faith in “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” defined in Disney’s Snow White.
    • It is recommended that you wear no make up when you initiate this mirror exercise. This allows for true inner healing potential –  to discover the authentic sense of yourself – exactly as you are.
    • Speak to yourself for a total of three times in the mirror (by looking into the depths of your eyes) and if you are comfortable move onto sharing this love with the extension of others in your life.
    • If sharing with others, the modifications would be to look into the depths of each others eyes and have each person place their left hand on their heart first. Secondly, your right hand will be placed over that persons left hand, and vice versa.
    • *Please note: Their also is another mindful creation of this exercise. Once this exercise is viewed (opened) – most people will turn their head to the right – which is perfectly intended – so you can help evoke your “right” path!
  • Please use these spiritual tools above as you feel guided; to help purify through devotion and faith to assist in the cleansing of your heart and soul.
  • When you apply in unison together – these tools help to facilitate internal shift points.
  • By applying this devotional work with mindful ‘action’ to all facets of your life – you can help facilitate inner transformation growth of faith and love.
  • If you require one on one guidance to explore your inner world of your heart further, please click on the ‘Connect’ section.
  • If you appreciate these teachings/open shares that contribute to your Alive In Heart Initiative and feel you can offer an equal exchange of giving and receiving; your contributions are gratefully appreciated.
  • If sharing with others, please respect the value of sharing the original source of this information, originating from Alive In Heart and Soul, www.aliveinsoul.com.

***Disclaimer: Please see a medical doctor if you should require medical advice. This is by no way a replacement to your existing therapy, medical or medication advice. Please seek immediate medical attention by dialing 911 if you are in an emergency or crisis situation. You release all liability pertaining to all spiritual and suggested based therapeutic methods shared by Alive In Heart and Soul. Thank you for understanding and for your commitment to this understanding. ***

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